• When: 2018-07-10
  • QIC: Timber
  • The PAX: Skipper, Big Load, Bolt, Natty, Neon, Cornwallis, Wojo, Stats, String Bean, Fools Gold, Skidder, Harper Valley, Whaler(FNG Welcome), Snooki, DuFresne, Hope Solo, Dilly Dilly(FNG Welcome), Sacajawea, Mayhem, Crackhead, Flight Risk, Mayplant, Timber

Vengeance at Rectory Square

Conditions 68 degrees and mild
 Intro YHC reminds the pax of the 5 core principles of F3:  1. Free of Charge 2.  Open to all men 18+ regardless of physical condition  3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold  4. Led by your peers who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no certification requited.  4. End with a Circle of Trust (COT)
Warm Up Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Mosey to chesnut St.
Imperial Walker X 20 IC
Windmill X 10 IC
Clock Merkins X 20 IC
Mosey to fountain for Blocks
The Thang Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Deck of cards placed 50 yards away from wokout lineup, 1 pax runs to pull card while the pax perform an AMRAP exercise of his choice while returning with card.  (Spades= Kettlebells, Clubs=Curls, Hearts=Squats, Diamonds= Overhead Press) perform the number of reps on card, 2-10, Face Cards 11-13 and Ace, 14 reps.  Jokers are Q’s choice.  Rince and repeat down the line until Q called it for time.  Lots of mumblechatter with the mix of exercises but Wojo wins the “nice guy” award calling Burpees and Up Downs (with Stats) on the pax.
Mary Flutter Kicks 30 IC
Run Back to Picnic Table at the Shovel Flag
COT, Count-O-Rama, BOM Prayer given by Harper Valley
Announcements Crickets
Moleskin Great work this morning in the gloom and awesome to see some new faces.  Two FNG’s today!  It was ah honor to lead as always.