• When: 2018-06-09
  • QIC: Big Load
  • The PAX: Pot Hole, Tree Bark, Flight Risk, Hero, Wojo, Bolt(Respect), Abacus, Bed Pan, Stats(Respect), Deadly, Skipper, Big Load.

Ultimate Sweet Gums

Location: Scott Park/Woodward Park/Sweet Gum Trail

Today’s workout takes the PAX of F3 Camden on much needed Field Trip.  Unlike the driver on Billy Madison no threats of me turning this bus around either.  I broke two of my own rules in this workout with one exercise “Burpee Indian Run.”

The Thang

“Head Over” to a different part of the park.

Warm Up

The following list may not be all inclusive.

BBSU, Merkins, SSH, LBC, LBAC: Some quantity of 10 or 20 of each.  Some OYO and some in cadence.

The Next Thang

Head to the entrance to the Sweet Gum Trail (I’m not sure why they named it this since I don’t believe there are any sweet gum trees on the trail.)

More assorted exercises from above.

Count off in 2s, this will be important later.

Line up in 2 lines for Burpee Indian Run.

Stop along the way for more assorted exercise from above.

Arrive at Woodward Park Soccer field.  Group up by numbers for Ultimate Frisbee.  Somehow one team ended up with 6 people and Flight Risk.  Totally unfair advantage.  Even halfway through the game switching one person to our team and have 6 against we still were beaten handily.  Bed Pan had an almost highlight reel diving catch for a score.

Head back to the trail.

Assorted exercises from above.

Indian Run back to Scott Park.

Assorted Exercises from Above.


It’s always a humbling and wonderful experience getting to lead this group.

Count Off