• When: 05/04/2017
  • QIC: Pot Hole
  • The PAX: Schrute, Hope Solo, Cornwallis, Wojo, Short Circuit, Mayhem, Timber, Barry, Weed, Harper Valley, Big Load, Sacagawea, Orville, Ratched, Mister Roper, Flight Risk, Stats, Bolt


Conditions: Perfect. 63o & clearI can’t say that I wasn’t a little nervous about my virgin Q. I spent countless hours studying The Exicon and selecting the finest movements for this very gloom. Lately, while experiencing F3 in the PAX, I’ve had recurring flashbacks of glorious moments during football two-a-days and knob year at El Cid. They were glorious moments in my memory because they were moments of agony that I thought would never happen again, but here they are… happening… again.In all those moments, I knew that others were there and they knew that I was there… together… for a greater purpose. In moments of agony, we reach out to others for strength, and sometimes, strength is masked with humor.  Sometimes enduring together with humor is the only way to make it through.Today, in the gloom, we honored those glorious moments with both agony and humor.  To those PAX that have these flashbacks, I tip my hat, and to those that do not, I trust that now… you do.DisclaimerWarm-A-RamaLBAC X 15 IC, flapjackThe Chinook X 15 IC, flapjackMosey to SE corner of AOWood Choppers X 10 ICMoroccan Nightclubs X 10 ICIndian run to NE corner of AOPlay it Cool OYOHillbilly Rockettes X 20 ICSumo Squats X 5 IC (slow motion w/ kick)Indian run to COPBoxcutters X 15 ICTravoltas X 10 IC, flapjackMonkey Crunches X 20 ICMountain Goats X 10 ICPAX counts off by 4’s & lines up in squads, Q tells each line when to go, while waiting in line, PAX does squats, merkins, LBAC, Big boy sit ups, OYOskips down and backhigh knees down and backlunges to first line, sprint to second line, down and backCarioke with flapjack at first line, down and backbackwards lunge to first line, run backwards to second line, down and backNFL pass block, flapjack at first line, down and backFire Drill then sprint to second line, down and backJohnny Roscoe Mountain Climbers then Bear Crawl to first line, sprint to second line, down and backMosey to COP at warm up areaDancing Bear X 10 ICDancing Chilcutt X 10 ICPlay it Cool OYODying Cockroach X 10 ICHello Dolly X 10 ICCobraDealers ChoiceMercans X 15 OYOFlutter Kicks X 20 ICLBCs X 20 OYOStanding Pickle Pounders X 20 ICMosey to Shovel Flag for Count-O-Rama, COT, and BOM

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