• When: 2017-10-12
  • QIC: Neon
  • The PAX: Dufresne, Big Load, Sacajawea, Cornwallis, Flight Risk, Stats, Happy Gilmore, Bolt, Pot hole, Pharaoh, Skidder, Wojo, May Plant, Weed, Snookie, Harper Valley, Skipper, Mayhem, Abacus, Shrute, Ratched, Hope Solo


Temperature:  73 degrees and humid


SSH x 20 IC
LBAC x 15 IC
LBAC reverse x 15 IC
Merkins x 15 OYO
American Hammer x 15 IC
E2K( Oblique crunch)  x 20 OYO

Indian Run to Vacant Lot on Lyttleton St

Mountain Climbers x 20
Plank Jacks x 20
Plank Twist x 20

Continue Indian Run to bus circle at CES

100 LBC, 200 squats, 300 SSH
Pattycake Merkin x 15
Upside down Merkins x 10 each partner

Indian Run back to vacant lot on Fair St

Mountain Climbers x 20
Plank Jacks x 20
Plank Twists x 20

Indian Run back to Rectory Square

Rounds with Blocks

Overhead press x 20
Curls x 20
Chest press x 20

Overhead press x 15
Curls x 15
Chest press x 15

Overhead press x 10
Curls x 10
Chest press x 10

Overhead press x 5
Curls x 5
Chest press x 5

Cool Down

Clerkin (merkin with a clap) x 5
High Plank, Low Plank
Plank with Right Arm Raised, Plank with Left Arm Raised