• When: 2017-10-10
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Ponzi, Cornwallis, Pothole, Bolt, Happy Gilmore, Abby Wambach, Wojo, Stats, Weed, Barry, Harper Valley, Lizard Man, Mayhem, Mayplant, Skidder, Abbacus, Sacajawea, Dufresne, Snookie, Skipper, Flight Risk, Schrute, Hope Solo.

Hope “Can Lead His Next Q” Solo

Conditions 75 and Sticky.
 Intro After a brief stint away, the Q returned with a vengeance. The PAX wished he never returned. Having the benefit of hindsight (that is all the messages on Groupme and the following workout on Thursday), the Q really recognized how much mumble chatter occurred as a result of the workout (Read: the Pax were still complaining two days later). Either a lot of people stayed up too late partying during Monday Night Football or the PAX really pushed themselves, because there were many close to the brink of spilling some Merlot.
Warm Up Frankenstein Kicks. Indian Run to Synagogue with High Knees, But Kicks, and Karaoke along the way.
Exercise Reps IC or OYO
LBACs 12, Front & Back IC
Copperhead Squats 12 IC
4X4s 5 OYO
The Thang Exercise Reps IC or OYO
75% Run to Lyttleton/Laurens Street Parking Lot
Lunge/Merkin/Long Jump Ladder X 20 OYO
Sprint to Corner of Laurens/Fair Street; Stop Halfway for 25 BBS. Sprint rest of the way
Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Partner Up. Burpee/Tuck Jump X 7 OYO
Run backwards to vacant lot on Fair Street
Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Same Partner; Pyramid Ladder X 1-2-3; 2-4-6; 3-6-9 OYO
1 squat, 2 Mountain Cs, 3 FKs 4-8-12; 5-10-15
Indian Run to Corner of Chesnut/Fair; Sprint to Street Light Halfway down Chestnut St.
Exercise Reps IC or OYO
4 Minutes of Mary X AMRAP IC
Dolly, Rosalita, LBCs, Dying Cockroach
COT, Count-O-Rama, BOM Continue to keep Short Circuit (Ben Stegner)’s family in thoughts and prayers; Prayers and Congratulations as Big Load’s family transitions to a family of 4.
Moleskin Great workout, and as always, a pleasure to lead this fine group of men. Look forward to next time…if they’ll let me do it again.