• When: 2017-10-16
  • QIC: CornStache
  • The PAX: CornStache, Cesspool, DriveBy, Bundy, Welcome Week, Borat, Turtle

Mile Repeats and #SpillingMerlot

“I was wondering why you turned there” Borat, the AOQ at Ramble tweeted to YHC’s Monday count. Borat and YHC take the same route home for all but a couple of blocks.  YHC usually doesn’t see Borat on the way there, cause he is usually coming in on two wheels, but commonly we’ll drive home bumper to bumper with a little “so long” beep at the end.  But today YHC jerked the car right on Blossom, not the usual turn on Woodrow a 1/2 mi down the road.  It was one of those times when your stomach tells you that you’re gonna blow it all over the car in about 10 seconds.  Luckily YHC got out of the car in time and #SpilledMerlot in the comfort of the Shandon Presbyterian lawn (sorry Seeker).

What lead YHC there? See below.

Conditions: 67 and muggy

The Thang: Mosey on Devine to Bonham then take a right to Wheat for

  • Mile #1: Bonham to King on Wheat
  • Recover, from Wheat to Duncan on King
  • Mile #2: King to Bonham on Duncan
  • Recover, From Duncan to Blossom on Bonham.
  • Mile #3: Bonham to King on Blossom.
  • Recover back to the flag

4.5ish miles all together.  The goal was to have all 3 miles at the same pace #didnthappen.


  • Cannonball Run!!!  This Saturday 7am at Dreher.