• When: 2018-07-03
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Abby Wombach (Respect), Sully, Ponzi, Skidder, Flight Risk, Skipper, Schrute, Cornwallis, Big Load, Sacagawea (Respect), Bolt (Respect), Stats (Respect), Mayplant (Respect), Snooki, Hope Solo, Ratched, Wojo, Treebark.


On this humid, 73 degree morning before we celebrated the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence from King George III, we honored those brave men who pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor by completing 1776 reps as a group at twelve pain stations.  


Copper Head Squat x 15 (IC). 
Merkins x 15 (OYO).
Hello Dolly X 15 (IC).  

The Thang: Partnered up in Groups of 3 and find one of twelve pain stations. Each PAX must do at least 10 reps of the exercise and the PAX’s total reps must match the required number at each station. Once you complete the station, move to the next one until all 12 are complete.  

  1. KB Swings, with blocks, X 75 2
  2. Squats, with blocks, X 75 
  3. Merkins X 125 
  4. Burpees X 50 
  5. BBS, with bricks, X 151 
  6. Bench Press, with blocks, X 150 
  7. Curls, with blocks, X 125 
  8. Calf Raises X 200 
  9. American Hammer, with bricks, X 150 
  10. Lunges—LEFT/RIGHT IS ALWAYS 1—X 200 
  11. Flutter Kicks X 200 
  12. Hello Dolly X 150  

Quick Water Break and Mosey to Corner of Chesnut/Lyttleton Street and Back. 

Words you never want to hear a QIC Say…Rinse and Repeat. The PAX pushed through as many pain stations as possible until Time.  

We then moseyed back to the flag for COT, Counteramma, and BOM. Ratched informed us that his mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and was to undergo a procedure. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Please also continue to prayer for and comfort the Cassidy family, and the Moore family (Schrute).  

 Classic Rock Power Workout Radio turns out to be the most excellent radio station on Pandora. The PAX continue to shine—the QIC didn’t think we’d make it through all 1776 reps during the workout only to find out we almost made it through two rounds. Great work! Putting out an APB for Barry, Bedpan, and Magellan. Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to lead and be a part of this great group of men.