• When: 2018-07-28
  • QIC: Wojo
  • The PAX: Gameplan, May Plant (Respect), Oz (Respect), Sully, Crackhead (Respect), Abby Wambach (Respect), Dilly Dilly, Abacus, Sacagawea (Respect), Big Load, Hero and Wojo.

Christmas in July!

Conditions:  71 and Muggy

 Intro Dufresne decided to go boating instead of Q’ing, so here I am.
Disclaimer Not a professional. Modify when necessary.
Warm Up Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Merkins X 10 OYO
The Thang The 12 Days of Christmas
12 cones lined up approximately 20 feet apart. Each cone has a different exercise. Cone 1 = 1 rep of that exercise. Cone 2 = 2 reps of that exercise, etc. Each day is a new movement, and the PAX must work it’s way back to Day 1 by performing all other days. Pax must Bear Walk there and Lunge Walk back.
Exercise Total Reps IC or OYO
Day 1 Deep Diamond Merkin X 12 OYO
Day 2 Bobby Hurleys X 22 OYO
Day 3 Clerkins X 30 OYO
Day 4 BBSUs/V-Roll Ups X 36 OYO
Day 5 Burpees X 40 OYO
Day 6 Plank Jacks X 42 IC
Day 7 Squat Jumps X 42 OYO
Day 8 BBSUs X 40 OYO
Day 9 Merkins X 36 OYO
Day 10 Mountain Climbers X 30 IC
Day 11 Freddy Mercurys X 22 IC
Day 12 Burpees X 12 OYO
PAX does Dealer’s Choice while the rest of the PAX finishes.
Lap Around Rectory Square followed by 5 minutes of Dealer’s Choice.
Announcements None
Prayer Requests 1. Gameplan’s Brother (deployed overseas)
2. Schrute’s Family
3. Pot Hole’s Family
4. KP Cassidy
Moleskin Wojo was informed that his Christmas playlist needs major work and that he needs a much louder speaker. Duly noted. If you just look at the numbers, this workout doesn’t appear to be too intimidating. However, throw in the Bear Crawls and Lunges and it becomes the real deal. Kudos to everyone for finishing. Everyone was drenched afterwards. As always, it was an honor to lead this fine group of men and I look forward to the next opportunity.