• When: 2018-07-31
  • QIC: Bailout
  • The PAX: Putt Putt, Fishwrap, 7-11, Weedeater, Forrest, Utah (R), Long Haul, Potluck, Rock Drop (R), Quest, Penny Tax, Recall, Bailout

Gloomy golf without beer

Weather: 75 degrees, slightly humid

Prayer & Disclaimer


  • SSHx15
  • TTTx15
  • Imp. Walkers x15
  • Windmillsx15

After getting back from a great vacation YHC picked up the Q to make sure he didn’t take more time off than needed.  YHC and his M saw the British Open at Carnoustie as well as the Old Course at St. Andrews.  YHC wanted to have some sort of golf related workout but couldn’t figure out a way to hit golf balls in the dark behind the Arena so this is what we did instead:

We as a group would do the front 9 of the Old Course at St. Andrews, YHC took the yards of each hole, converted it to miles and off we went.  Combined with the name of the hole, YHC tried to pair a exercise as best as possible to make them even with one another–PAR if you will…

Hole 1 376 yards- ‘The Burn’ 20 Squats

Hole 2 411 yards- ‘Dyke’ 20 BBSU

Hole 3 370 yards- ‘Cartgate’ 20 Merkins

Hole 4 419 yards- ‘Ginger Beer’ 10 Burpees–Mumble chatter begin to pick up, beer was requested, not provided, cobains

Hole 5 514 yards- ‘O Cross’ 20 Iron Crosses

Hole 6 374 yards- ‘Heathery’  Wall Sits(3) twenty seconds each

Hole 7 359 yards- ‘High’ 20 Jump Squats

Hole 8 166 yards- ‘Short’ 30 SSH

Hole 9 347 yards- ‘End’ Escalator 10 Merkins, 20 BBSU, 30 SSH, 40 Heel touches, 50 lunge(25 EL)

With us going a little bit longer on a few holes and starting the gps a little late we got close to two miles this morning.  A nice even cardio and strength workout.

A few minutes left for Mary Dealers Choice,

  • Recall-Box Cutters
  • Putt Putt- LBCs




  • Sweet Baby O, 4 August, really could use another hand or two for setup of the big bounce houses.  YHC is going to help; if anyone wants to ride, let Bailout know.
  • Stomp the Swamp 5K, 25 August
  • BRR teams are probably still looking for someone to join a 12 man team; contact Recall or Clipboard if interested.

Prayer Requests- Quest and things at work.

BOM & Prayer

Nice work Gentleman, we will do the back nine at some point here in the near future.