• When: 2019-04-02
  • QIC: Harper Valley
  • The PAX: Stats (Respect), Mayplant (Respect), Mayhem (Respect), Sacagawea (Respect), Schrute, Abacus, Kiffin, Timber, Flight Risk, Harper Valley


Conditions:  Pouring Rain and 36°

Intro:  YHC had no desire to show up this morning and I cannot pass judgment on those who may have fartsacked.  It was miserable and I prayed that the parking lot would be desolate.  Also, it is important to note that I slept through alarm 1 of 2 and almost became the first Q to fartsack his own Q! Anyway, as I stated, I prayed for an empty showing but any Q can count on 2 things.  One:  Mayhem will always show up.  Two: Stats will always show up and refuse to allow PAX shortcuts.  I was tempted with the offer that as Q and absent AO Cornwallis that I could immediately dismiss PAX for Bojangles.  I stayed the course.  Also important to note that my Q this morning was a substitute for the absent AO Cornwallis who did indeed yell to me at last Q:  DIIIIIIIIIICK.  Today was a rinse and repeat just for him

Disclaimer:  No way a professional. Modify

Warm Up:  PAX snag coupons and mozie to the corner of Rectory and Fair.

LBAC IC w/Brick X 12 forward/Reverse

The Thang: Run the 4 Corners of the Park. Do exercise and hold air chair until PAX is complete.  Each exercise below has a 1 to 4 Ratio to Burpee.  Add exercises starting with count 5.  All exercises done with Coupon plus added weight of pouring rain!!!! 

Corner of Rectory and Chestnut
1 Burpee
4 Squats
4 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
4 SSH w/Bricks

Corner of Lyttleton and Chestnut
2 Burpee
8 Squats
8 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
8 SSH w/Bricks

Corner of Rectory and Lyttleton

3 Burpee
12 Squats
12 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
12 SSH w/Bricks

Corner of Rectory and Fair
4 Burpee
16 Squats
16 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
16 SSH w/Bricks

PAX:  Shoulder Press X 15 IC

REVERSE COURSE to Corner of Rectory and Lyttleton- Add Shoulder Press

5 Burpee
20 Squats
20 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
20 SSH w/Bricks
20 OH Press

Corner of Lyttleton and Chestnut- Add Curls
6 Burpee
24 Squats
24 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
24 SSH w/Bricks
24 OH Press
44 Curls

Corner of Rectory and Chestnut- Add Bent Rows
7 Burpee
28 Squats
28 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
28 SSH w/Bricks
28 OH Press
48 Curls
28 Bent Rows

Corner of Rectory and Fair- Add Bent Flys
8 Burpee
32 Squats
32 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
32 SSH w/Bricks
32 OH Press40 Curls
32 Bent Rows
32 Bent Flys


Corner of Rectory and Chestnut- Add Right Side Stretch
9 Burpee
36 Squats
36 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
36 SSH w/Bricks
36 OH Press40 Curls
36 Bent Rows
36 Bent Flys
36 Right Side Stretch

Corner of Rectory and Fair- Add left Side Stretch
10 Burpee
40 Squats
40 Lunges (L=1 R=1)
40 SSH w/Bricks
40 OH Press
40 Curls
40 Bent Rows
40 Bent Flys
40 Left Side Stretch

Count-A-Rama (At corner of Fair and Chestnut)


Moleskin:  Today will be one of those F3 Workouts that I will always remember.  Rain, cold and Sucky but we did it and we did it in the worst conditions, save a hurricane!!