• When: 2018-01-24
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Urkle, Babe, Puck, Shankapotomus (Respect) HT, T&G, Penfold, Danger Mouse and Stay Puff

You Can Go Your Own Way

YHC was happy to see so many faces on a cold morning today. It was especially nice to see Penfold and Danger Mouse back at it.  With a route that allowed for varying distances for your own running pleasure  T-claps to Babe for pushing the furthest.

Conditions – At least it was above freezing 



The Route

The route was to head out Long Terrace and down Crosson st back to 23 in order to check on Hollywood’s place. Continue on with a left on 1 to head over towards Swayze’s  loop and check on him. After that proceed back down 1 and then take the left on Pond Branch to ultimately go by the maintenance shed as well as say hello to the 3 dogs that are ever so happy to see us run by. Eventually making our way to 245 we could head back toward the Rooster or take the left on Daniel for loop down to Bojangles and back up 1 toward Rooster. I don’t believe anyone took the actual route (the Rebel Run was a nice adjustment) but all worked hard and all got better.



P200 meeting to be set at Matlock’s or Khakis’ place.

Feb 16 is Rooster 1 year anniversary with a party to follow at Wino’s!!

Dam Run coming up