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Yoga at Smokehouse

It was a fabulous morning for a workout at smokehouse to get some work in. The Pax were assembled and ready for a beatdown but YHC decided to take it in a direction never taken before. 

Wait on Urkel (due to reasons known only to him even though he was there at 4:30 to SL he was still the last man to the flag at 5)



Warmup: SSH, overhead clap, little baby arm circles, mosey to the track and make a lap. 

Go to the block pile and each man gets 2 bricks.  THe men ran over to a spot that was lit up so that YHC could see the Wienke. 


Step back to runners lunge with the right left, press back with the heel to get an extra stretch

engage in the worlds greatest stretch with both the right arm and the left arm 

Release the foot and come down to the knee. Twist to the right.  Hand down and left foot back to plank. 

Lower slowly to the ground and then raise up in cobra. Push up into down dog then step up between your hands and step back into runners lunge with the left leg and repeat everything on the other side. 

The Pax complained on the way in that the pullup bars looked lonely.  YHC took the pax back to the pull up bars and everyone paired up.  while 1 pax hangs on the bar, the other pax hold 6 inches. When pax 1 cannot hang any longer the pax switch.  After 3 rounds we went back to the bricks

Pick up your bricks, 1 in each hand.  Step back into reverse lunge with the right leg and when you come back up raise your knee to chest height and do an overhead press. X20 each leg

Side lunge to the right with the brick in the left hand.  When you come back up raise the right knee to hip height and press the brick over head in your left hand. repeat 10 times both legs. 

Get back into down dog.  Raise right leg in the air. Bring the right knee down to the right elbow and back to the sky, right knee to forehead or as close as you can get it and back to the sky, right knee to left elbow and back to the sky.  X3 on both legs

20 big boy situps

Yoga boats for some undetermined amount of time

3 single leg merkins on both sides

10 Single leg dead lifts, lifting 1 brick

Due to popular demand, We did a series of Warrior poses

Warrior, 1, 2, 3 and airplane (look it up)

Plank it up, Right arm up with left leg up 3X and then switch

The pax ran back to the flag and did 4 burpees 

Count O rama

Name O rama

announcments – potential location for a christmas party




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