• When: 2022-01-28
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Rockdrop, Dunphy, Brick

UL 1.28.2022

One Minute Warning:



The weather: Low 30’s 

Warm up Mosey around parking and circle up 

SSH X15 IC–Imperial Walker X15 IC

SSH X15 IC-Merkins X15 IC

SSH X15 IC-Air squats X15 IC

SSH X15 IC-Burpees X 5 OYO

The Thang(s):

Line up and sprint 40yds then do 10 burpees return to start and do 10 2ct Mount Climbers. Rinse and repeat, reducing burpees by 2 each round (10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1). Always doing 10 mt. Climbers at one end. 

Next, Mosey to parking lot at FBC of Lex, YHC had surprise toys with him (45lb dumbells). Partner one walks about 100yds (up the hill) and back carrying 1 45lb dumbbell (switching arm carry each round), while partner two is doing AMRAP exercises until partner one returns. We did this for 3 rounds.  Exercises were Burpees, Block Squats, and Mt. Climbers. 

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary

Circle up for Mary: we do 2 rounds with each pax calling a core exercise. It was 6 different exercises, but can’t remember them!



  • Dam to Dam coming up in February. Should be opportunities as some usually have to drop 


  • Lego Father and FIL
  • 2 Fia Pax with Cancer
  • No Show
  • Garth and family. 

Devo: Ephesians 2:10- YOU are God’s masterpiece. Go be who Christ created you to be!

Something I saw on Twitter (from just a random guy in a thread)

“Fascinating reality of Christ’s commands is they are simultaneously for God’s glory and our benefit. Deny/Take up are instructions that offer fulfillment, honor, burden-lifting, etc. We’re so in need of Christ, like a child, He must command the way to have joy/blessing.”

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