• When: 2017-12-14
  • QIC: Tutu
  • The PAX: Britta, Squatter, Juice, Paper Jam, Pennyworth, Bambi, Meter & Tutu

Tutu’s 5 AM ALARM

8 PAX fought the FS and hit the 5 AM ALARM Q to watch some shooting stars from Germinid Meteor Shower.

In attendance –Britta, Squatter, Juice, Paper Jam, Pennyworth, Bambi, Meter & Tutu

Conditions:  34 degrees, cold!

Disclaimer and Prayer

It was stated that we would do all exercises in 20’s and that we would be working through the ALARM routine. This was because we were going to acquire some oversized bricks that had been sitting behind the elementary school. Statistically, a theft happens every 1.6 seconds. Since we were relocating the bricks on the same school property, we assumed this was just a misplacement rather than a theft.

Mosey to the grassed area.

20 Slaughter Starter

20 SSH

20 TTT


We made a rule that if you saw a shooting star, you had to stop exercise to do a burpee. PAX saw many throughout the workout, atleast 25.

Mosey to the hidden brick pile and acquire some oversized bricks

ALARM – Arms, Legs, Abs, R-exercise, M exercise

 We performed these exercises with a small mosey in between to bring us back to the brick pile. The first 4 we did the per the Q design and the last two rotations the PAX had to perform the first PAX to speak up choice.

  • 20 Curls for Girls – 4, Overhead Press – 1, Merkins – 1
  • 20 Squats – Mexican Jumping Bean Squats – 6
  • 20 Big Boy Sit ups – 4, Gas Pumps – 2
  • 20 Rock-a-By babies (These are really easy) – 6
  • 20 Monkey Jumpers – 6

We relocated the bricks to the F3 Brick pile and headed back to the flag. With 3 minutes left, we did some Legarama until the Q called it.

Legarama – quick feet on the curb, Lunges, and air chair.

Back to the flag, count off, roll call.

Announcements/Prayer Request:

  • F3 Christmas Party
  • Continue to take up money for LaVie
  • Bam to the Dam
  • Check other backblasts


The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give him a rich and satisfying life.  John 10:10  If the reportable theft in America occurs at a rate of 1 ever 1.6 seconds, Just think how many times the devil temps us.  This is his primary focus.  So the next time you get tempted by the devil through an annoying person, or you get mad at someone, or something bad happens to you, just remember that the devil is trying to get you to stray away from God.  Just say get behind me satin, God has my back!