• When: 2019-07-02
  • QIC: Tutu
  • The PAX: Tutu, Meter, Tubbs, Paper Jam, Britta, Goodman, Ditch Witch, Squatter, MacGruber, Niles, Po, Shine

Tutu’s 3 Year Aniversery Fun House

Circle Up, Disclaimer, Prayer

Circle up in the parking lot to warm up

33 SSH 4C IC

33 TTT 4C IC

Mosey to the far side of Ambush Alley near PHES.

Since the PAX was slowed down due to injuries or mumble chatter indicating that they might have injury, the Q decided to start with some LBAC while they mosey turned into a slowsey.  PAX did 33 LBAC each way and then 33 overhead claps while walking which debunked the myth that The PAX couldn’t do 2 things at once.

Once at the begining of Ambush Alley, Tutu had placed a workout at each pole on a piece of paper that the PAX collected after completion or lack there of.  PAX did the following exersizes:


Lunge Walk to next Pole

33 Up Downs

Triple Check – split in groups of 3 – one ran around parking lot, two did people’s chair, three did Planks until runners completed.  PAX did 3 rotations before moving to next pole.

33 Squats

33 PAX Choice – Gas Pumps

33 4C Hillbillys

33 Zombie Walk to next pole – lung walk with moans

33 Each arm Travolta

33 LBC’s

33 Gas Pumpers

33 Burpees

33 Curls for Girls with Blocks

33 4C Flutter Kicks

33 Mountain Climbers

Mosey back to the flag, Circle up, Count off, Prayer requests and Pray it out.