• When: 2019-07-06
  • QIC: Wapner
  • The PAX: Quest, JoPa, GloboGym, Kyrie, Little Giants, Breakfast Club, Wapner

Tour de Parking Lot, Round 2

YHC was at a loss as to what to do today, but when a new group who wasn’t there last time we toured the parking lot showed up, YHC knew what to do.

Conditions:  Near perfect; cool and clear; decent amount of humidity [that’s a technical term, for all you non-weather savvy folks]

The Thang:

Circle up near the SF for some TTT, windmills, arm circles, overhead arm claps, dirty birds, backwards arm circles, and imperial walkers.

Mosey to the wall near the SF for instructions while wall sitting.

Start with 15 squats OYO at the SF corner.

Mosey to the front exit corner of the parking lot for 15 merkins OYO.

Mosey to the other front corner for 15 squats OYO.

Mosey to the kindergarten breezeway for bear crawls.

Mosey to the middle of the front breezeway for 15 qualves OYO (just for Questy).

Mosey to the front middle of the parking lot for 15 [each leg] flutter kicks OYO

Mosey back to the SF corner for 15 squats OYO.

Now that you have the pattern, keep going AMRAP with 15 squats -> 15 merkins -> 15 squats -> bear crawl -> 15 qualves -> flutter kicks -> back to squats.

After about 30 minutes of that, mosey to the wall near the SF for Mary.

Dealer’s Choice Mary; exercises included BBSUs, LBCs, Freddie Mercurys, Heel Touches, Heels to Heaven, Imperial walkers, and [for God knows what reason] burpees, and [of course] boat-canoes.

Prayer Req:

Corbett Anderson, Quest’s friend, BC’s friend, Swanson’s dad


  • 7/9 – TP 2ndF dinner at Mellow Mushroom
  • 7/7 – Little Giants VQ at Tread

Devo:  Less of a true devo, and more of a challenge to everyone (YHC included) to lean into the accountability that ISI brings rather than run from it (which is our natural tendency).