• When: 2019-04-16
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Major Pain, Gravedigger, Hoist, Slum Lord, All 9's, Half Empty, Irrev, Heisenberg, Fuzzy Navel

Tour de High School

10 pax defied the Spring Break #fartsack and showed up at The Hollow ready to work.  YHC had to modify the workout slightly (100% to be exact) because there were no blocks at The Hollow this morning.  Instead of a block workout we adapted and overcame the situation. The workout changed from a muscle builder, to a pretty fast paced endurance builder.  The pax didnt mind because we had some hard chargers this morning.

Weather 45 degrees

Disclaimer and Prayer

The workout:

Run to Tomcat stairs

10 calf raises each step until you reach the top

Back at the bottom, make 1 loop of the Tomcat.  The exercises at the top of the stairs and end of the stairs were BBSU and Hand Release Merkins with a Shoulder Tap at the top.  11 reps of each exercise.

**A trash can tipped over and trash was everywhere.  It was gross and unsightly. Without anyone saying anything, all pax started to pick up the trash and put it in the trash can.  This isnt a pat-on-the-back to The Hollow pax, this is what we all should be doing at our AOs, at our Homes, at Work, in the World.  If something needs your attention, give it your attention.  Sometimes you have to pay attention to notice.

Mosey to planter boxes by the baseball field.  Find a spot on the box and make sure you have plenty of room.  11 step ups each leg.  Air Squat until everyone is finished.  Take 10 steps to your right.  11 step ups each leg.  Air Squat until finished.  Take 10 steps to your right.  11 step ups each leg.  The purpose of moving to the right is because the planter box has easier sides than others.  We rotated around the box so all pax could enjoy the harder step up.

Mosey to the tennis courts and find a spot at the net.  Jump back and forth over the next, 11 Bobby Hurleys.  Jump back and forth, 10 Bobby Hurleys.  Continue until you are finished with a set of 1 Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey to the hill by the onion field.  At the bottom of the hill 11 merkins.  Walk backwards up the hill, 11 monkey humpers.  Slowsy down the hill.  10 merkins.  Walk backwards up the hill, 10 monkey humpers.  Continue until you are finished with a set of 1 merkins and monkey humpers.

Mosey back to courtyard.  Find a spot for Mary.

American Hammers x20 IC

Flutter kicks x20 IC

Heal touches x20 IC


CrossRuck, 4/19 @ 4:00 RBHS

3rd F 5K, 4/27


Praise for Gravedigger’s mom.  Continued prayers for her as well.