• When: 2018-01-20
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Shakespeare (DD), Smithers (DD), Jazz Hands, Strawberry, Skunky, Lap Dog (DD), JD, EZ, Sandwedge (DD), Tory (Ruck only), Bumblebee (DD), Magoo, Knot, Lumbergh, Faulkner, Brother Si, Pothole, Mayhem, Leadbelly, Bluecrab, Hokey Pokey, Fools Gold, Gerrymander, Moose, Soft Toss, Bellhop (DD).

There is no such thing as too much handball. And, introducing F3 The Ocho.

25 pax made it Depot this morning at 0630 for handball.  As it should be.

6 ruckers + 1 runner for pre-handball double down miles.


Low 30s, Dry.


SSH, 20x

Imperial Walkers, 20x

JD then showed up with the handball and jersey.  Teams selected by 1/2s.  1s were yellow.  2s were red.  1s had the speedy pax.  2s had the bodies.

The Thang

Two games.  Lots of chatter.  Lots of fun.

Game 1 (without the dribble): Red.

Game 2 (with the dribble and lap by scoring pax): Red.

Minimal injuries.  Brother Si got clocked in the head, however.  Concussion protocol administered: “What book comes after Genesis?”  Let’s be careful.  We all have to work on Monday (and Brother Si has to work on Sunday).


  • Time to get serious about P200.  So, start running.  Run groups on Sunday, Wed, and Saturdays.  Find them, show up to them, make it happen.
  • Introducing F3 The Ocho (@F3TheOcho), the team sports AO.  Meets at Depot.  Alternating Fridays at 0515 (flag football, ultimate, soccer, handball), Sundays at 2000 (handball).
  • GrowRuck007 is next weekend downtown.  There is still an opportunity to HC and participate.  Look for the chatter on Twitter and Facebook re: the same.