• When: 2018-01-20
  • QIC: Zuckerberg
  • The PAX: Drummer Boy, Training Wheels(Respect), Heisenberg(Respect), King James, Big Worm, Zuckerberg, Scrapper, Spokes(Respect), Enterprise, Rip, Bonafide, Serena

F3TheMission 1/20

2 pax took a 1 mile stroll around Finlay Park to get warmed up.

SSH ×20 IC
Bend ‘n’ reach ×20 IC
Military press ×20 IC
LBAC ×20 IC (foward 20, reverse 20)
Flutter kicks ×20 IC
LBC ×20 IC

Grab 2 blocks a piece. Mosey to next field over. Partner up.

First partner runs across field sans blocks, 10 merkins, run back, 10 more merkins.
Second partner tricep extensions with blocks until 1st partner is done. Then switch.

Again. Except we switch it up with squats.
2nd partner military press until 1st partner is done. Then switch.

Again. Except we switch up with LBCs.
2nd partner curls for all those girls until 1st partner is done. Then switch.

Mosey over to our famed amphitheatre for some ladders. Leave the blocks.

Going up steps we do 10 incline merkins. Decrese by 1. In between merkins, we do 10 LBCs and decrease by 1 all the way to top.

Going down we start with 10 dips and decrease by 1. In between dips we do squats and decrease by 1 to the bottom.

Mosey back over to field with the blocks.

Lunge walk with bricks to other side.
Flutter kicks ×20 with blocks held up.
Lunge walk back to other side.
Flutter kicks ×20 while military press with bricks.

Mosey back to flag and put #F3Crypts blocks back in bucket. Thanks @F3Crypt for the use of them.

Stand in a circle around flag shoulder to shoulder. Get in front leaning rest. Each pax bear crawls around outside of the circle once until all pax have gone around once.

Count o rama 12
Name o rama
AAR: Zuck is a pro. No needs improvement today. Great Q.
Prayer request.

Bona fide recieves his F3 shirt today for making three workouts. He also received the first official #F3TheMission shirt as well.
We give thanks to #F3Pebbles for the much needed help and work to make that possible.
Something that stood out in COT. Your F3 brothers to your left and right of you are not only there for themselves, but more importantly they are there to help their brothers get better. There is true friendship in these circles and we need to make sure none of us forget that.