• When: 2019-04-18
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: All F3 pax, Lexington, FNGs, fartsackers, sad clowns, BDS(see lexicon),6s, HIMs.

The Sausage Factory-Gauntlet

Pax of F3 ,here is the layout for The Sausage Factory for The Gauntlet. Zoom on picture to get details. PARK in area surrounded by blue running  loop. Watch for SL’ers in entire school area as we DO NOT run off campus. Wear lights and reflective gear if you do SL(430am). Repeat we DO NOT run off campus.  If you do then its on you.

Hammer down 1st F.

The Sausage Factory starts 5am hammer down. We do Pledge Of Allegiance to our flag.

Shovel flag is beside station # 5.

There are 12 stations and AMRAP is how many times you can make it around all 12 stations in 45 minutes. Starting with 10 reps at each station pax will increase rep count by 1 each lap. There are cones numbered 1 to 12 with exercises written on them.  The only exceptions to rep counts are the running  loop, the bear crawls  up/down Blueberry Hill,  and the burpee broad jumps across B ball court. These will only be completed 1 time each round.

To help spread the Pax out we will count off by the number of stations and like numbers will go to the numbered cone that corresponds to their number.


1 sledgehammer blows to gaint tire ,work out your frustrations on this beast.

2 block thrusters, you know’em and love’em.

3 giant tire flips.  1 man flips on small tire and 2 men on bigger tire. Also please do 1 flip and then let another pax[or paxs] flip and rotate as fast as possible through the flips until each man meets his rep count. Waiting on 1 pax to flip 10 times or more will back things up.

4 sled pulls . The sled has ropes on each end 1 pax stands in place and pulls sled  10 or more times to himself then other pax pulls back the other direction.  Hammer down to move things along.

5 block swings ,nuff said

6 battle rope slams . Grab a rope and do power slams.

7 Hand release merkins

8 Bear crawls to top of hill (to station 9)down AFTER completing BBSUs at station 9

9 BBSUs.  real ones, hands behind neck

10 Take a lap around our loop and head to back of school

11 pull ups from a variety of challenging areas- some that move ,some high , some low. If you have trouble with pull ups then do inverted rows or use a single leg to assist you from the playground equipment.

12 Burpee broad jumps across B Ball court not 10 reps but entire court each time.

Back to station 1 sledgehammer blows

Then rinse and repeat AMRAP the entire thing again adding 1 rep to exercises.

Note: Sometimes a pax may have to skip a section if bottlenecks occur.  If so then make that exercise up. This mostly occurs at tire flips,  sled pulls, sledgehammer blows.  We have added additional battle ropes, sledgehammers, blocks, and an extra flipping tire to help with increased pax due to The Gauntlet .

Hammer down 2nd F

Be safe and work together and all should be well. Encourage the 6/pick up the 6. #ISI #SYITG.

Hammer down 3rd F


Snake Handler to be ready with devo.