• When: 2018-07-31
  • QIC: They Call Me Queenie
  • The PAX: 21 Pax- Stagecoach, Roommate, Arears, TurkeyBurger, PhoneBooth, Leitner, Lumberg, Penthouse, Hostil, PrarieDog, Bumblebee, Foolsgold, Coppertone, Leadbelly, Hamburgler, StinkBait, SCH, Boxone, Moose, Pothole, TCM Queenie (sorry bout the spelling guys)

The Return of the Queenie

Wow – been away from Depot way too long. What a great group of men showed up today – 21 in all – for the Return of Queenie. It was a cool 74 degrees and 97% humidity. The Meter Maid inspired – OK the Meter Maid copied workout took its toll on a few men – well a lot of men. Thanks for the chance for me to do a little story telling and of course the QMVOD. 1st John 1: 8-9.

Warmup with Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers  and Through the Tunnel (with a clap of course).

with a partner
200 squats

180 LBC’s

160 Merkins

140 Lunges

120 Overhead Presses with Cylinder Blocks

100 Curls with the blocks

80 Ben over Rows with the blocks

60 Big Boy Situps

40 Flutter Kicks

20 Merkins

Tunnel of Love x2 for the ending.