• When: 2018-04-19
  • QIC: Netflix
  • The PAX: The Nature Boy, Good Hands, Spackle (respect), Hopper (respect), House (respect), Rebar, Weekend Special, Digger, Netflix

The Netflix Movie Challenge

9 pax came together on an awesome morning to better themselves and test their knowledge in some 80’s movie trivia.  How the pax answered the questions dictated how many reps of each exercise would be required.  The QIC, had some challenging questions, as well as some “softballs.”  The pax represented themselves well in their answers.

Conditions –Mid 60’s and breezy

The Thang:


Each pax partnered up.  Each pair got a block and headed to the press box.

COP (All IC)
SSH X 20
LBAC X 10 forward and 10 backward

Each pax was to do the called exercise while their partner ran, and then swapping until the required total of reps per exercise were complete.  Every pax took turns rolling the “Netflix block” to determine what genre the trivia question would come from.  How the question was answered dictated the reps.  A wrong answer would require double.

75-200 reps were completed for each of the following exercises based on giving correct answers to the questions:


Curls for Girls

Shoulder presses

Calf Raises

Chest presses

Monkey Humpers



Flutter Kicks

Just before time ran out, we headed back to the flag for one last exercise

“Wanted Man”

During the song “Wanted Man” sang by Johnny Cash, each pax had to hold their plank, doing a merkin each time they heard the phrase “Wanted Man” (21 times over the course of a 3:30 minute song).


Prayer Requests
None specifically mentioned.

Chapter 7 in the Book of Judges:  The story of Gideon having to trust God in the face of overwhelming odds.

Today at 5:00 a.m. marked the 243rd anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War with “the shot heard around the world” in Lexington, Massachusetts.  Like Gideon, the colonists faced overwhelming odds in their fight for independence.  No matter the odds, or what we are facing, we must look to God to guide us and see us through.

None mentioned.