• When: 2018-07-19
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Pull Out, Wino, Peg, Happy Trees, Aunt Bee, Ace, Hollywood, Puck, Urkel, Stay Puff,

Sweet and Simple

I was starting to get worried at 4:55 when there was only the biker boys Puck and Urkel and our visitor Peg. Then at 4:59 everyone came pulling in like it was last call at happy hour. YHC was hoping that atleast 12 Pax would show up to complete this team building exercise but Matlock was hung over, Belding maybe tore his quad sweating and putting on his knee socks, T&G and Caboose were MIA, Babe and Nub are training for the Bud light 300 (Nascar Race if there is one) and Defect showed up Tuesday for his annual visit, so we ended up with 11 Pax.  Since Urkel made us run that ridiculous hill on Tuesday, I was determined to give our legs a break. I decided to bring back the fundamentals of a Swayze workout: Sledge hammers, Blocks and Bonding! I forgot my watch so we started around with a COP and a disclaimer that I was a professional.

We all mosied to the block pile and I was thinking of how I was going to present this workout and kept on getting rudely interrupted by Lil B. We then did 15 Side Straddle Hop, 15 curls for the girls in cadence, 10 Little baby arm circles forward and then reverse. I figured our arms were warmed up so we proceeded to the field and got in a straight line. Lil B was complaining as usual so we did this in his honor. We then did the tunnel of love with a twist, did a burpee before you went through the tunnel and whenever someone did the burpee the other pax all did a merkin. We completed this without any injuries so we then got in 3 groups: two groups of 4 and one group of 3. As one person swung the sledgehammers on the tire the other person had to do a merkin in cadence with him. They had to continue to do that while the other two from the group farmer carried blocks 100 yards then back. Once someone got tired and stopped you had to do 5 merkins then repeat until you were back at the beginning. It started off pretty easy for everyone but after the 3 and 4th trip everyone was sweating and forearms were burning. The only person it didn’t effect was Pull Out who was upset he couldn’t carry the blocks around the whole track and Wino tried to kill Aunt Bee and wouldn’t stop. After 4 trips time was called to put up the blocks and then we proceed to go back to the field for another tunnel of love. Urkel skipped out on the first one so I made sure he was the first present to complete this exercise.  We mosied back to the flag and workout was completed.

We counted off and did the Name of Rama.


Wino Christmas Party, Stomp the Swamp 5k, 5k for family in Saluda,

Prayer Request: PoleCats daughter, Madison Rikard, Sam Coker’s wife, F3 Robber.