• When: 2019-08-08
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Pull Out, Belding, Hollywood, Urkel, Shank, Happy Trees, T&G, Rabbi, Matlock, Urkel, Nub, Stay Puff

Swayze 3 year Anniversary Q

After my recent trip to Pittsburgh, I stole some ideas from their workout and decided to add it to my anniversary Q. A lot of people usually ask me how did you get the name Swayze? They usually just assume because of my good looks and fabulous physique but that’s not it. Well on to the workout. I brought my speaker and phone so the Bouknight’s were excited and thought I was going to play their favorite song “Old Town Road”. As we are all standing there waiting on 5am, Happy Trees and Matlock were doing the Merkin challenge since they figured this workout was going to be easy.  We all gathered for a quick prayer and with only have 45 minutes, it was time to get to work. We took off mosing up the steps and stopped by the tennis courts. We proceeded to do 20 LBAC forward then reverse. We then did 5 sets of 5 SSH and 2 burpees. After that little warm up we mosied to the bottom by the softball field to Hash Hill. I had to explain the directions for the workouts a couple of times since we are Leesville folks. During the first 100 hand release merkins, one partner did that then ran to first light pole then back and switch. During the 200 leg lifts while one partner was doing that exercise, the other partner had to run to first light pole and back then to second object then back. The 3rd exercise was 300 big boy situps and the running portion was first light pole and back, 2nd object and back then 2nd light pole in back. The big boy sits up got the best of me and had a little gas leak but it made Urkel keep his distance. During the exercise, Rabbi is obviously the chosen on for our f3 group and sweated in the form of the batman logo and Belding just sweated profusely. The most shocking part of the workout is when Matlock didn’t complain one bit and it was a fairly hard task. After time was called everyone tried to mosi back but most of us walked with the exception of Stay Puff since he fart sacked his previous Q on Rooster. We did the name o rama, then I said a prayer and ended with a Rabbi Devo.

Prayers for the Bouknight Elders, Babes Son for broken leg.

Ducks Unlimited is offering a youth day on Saturday August 24th at T and S farms. Get with Pull Out for details.