• When: 2022-07-28
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Lego, Soaker, Coon Dog, Duff, Cheers, Brick.

Shawshank 7.28.2022

I promised the pax there would be no running today as they taper for the Spartan 10K in Newberry this weekend. Some of them even started tapering on Tuesday (looking at you, CD). Today was a good day, and I appreciate everyone who posted!

One Minute Warning:



The weather: 78 and humid

 Warm up Mosey  and Circle up

Michael Phelps X 15IC, Big Ole Arm Circles X 10IC, 

SSHX5 IC, then 3 burpees OYO (Rinse and repeat X5)

The Thang

Grab a block and circle up. 3 Rounds each  (1st round 15 reps ea, then 12, then 10). Holding the block or plank all the way through. 

Exercises were as follows: CFTG’s>Shoulder Press>Merkins>Mt.Climbers>5 Blockees

Take a recover walk around the islands come back and grab your favorite spot on the curb. 

100 toe taps then 10 Burpees

80 toe taps then 8 Burpees

 60 toe taps then 6 Burpees

40 toe taps then 4 Burpees

20 toe taps then 2 Burpees

Take a recover walk around the islands come back partner up. 

P1 does a plank walk to each side of curb where he will perform one merkin. Go back and forth as many times as possible until P2 returns. P2 is bearcrawling 20 yds, doing 10 (2ct) mt.climber and bearcrawling back to P1. Rinse and repeat this one more round. 

It was at this point i challenged CD to a good ole fashion 100 yd race back to the flag. If he lost the all the pax had to bearcrawl the bridge. It was the only work we got out of him all morning, but he edge me out and saved the day for the pax. 


V-ups, in and outs, leg kicks (rinse and repeat x3)



  • Spartan this weekend
  • Dads Camp 8-19 through 21
  • Stomp the swap and Jail Break 8/20
  • 9/24-9/11 Challenge
  • D2D teams are forming. 
  • Lego going to lead the Rock when we start back in late August for a 4 week series. 


  • Country and Marriages. 
  • No Show, and all sick/injured pax. 
  • Praise. CD’s bosses SIL good test results (John). 
  • For the pax racing this weekend. Safety and strength. 


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