• When: 2020-02-25
  • QIC: Head Gear
  • The PAX:  Cheers, Knowsit, Cowbell, Floppydisk,Rockdrop,Ranger,Ken Doll, Lizard Man, Coon Dog, Voltron, Fast Casual, The Hedges, 7-11, Dunphy, Lego, Forrest

Semi Dry or Semi Wet – Shank/Arena Convergence

YHC was excited to have this convergence with Shawshank for the month of February.  The Sterling Lake contingent did not show big numbers today and our lead mubblechatter  Notebook was DR (all the PAX know he uses childcare as his excuse).  Arena had corporate on hand today (Ranger and Kendoll) with the future Nantan (RockDrop) working out in their group of 3 – YHC was a little concern when he heard the former Nantan mention Spackle for consideration for the future Nantan.  Work was done and iron was sharpened!
Weather – 55 degrees, cloudy, no rain but semi dry (or semi wet, depends how you want to look at it)
Opening prayer, Lords Prayer, Pledge
Warm up:
15 Merkins IC,
30 SSH IC,
20 IW IC.
stretch OYO,
The Thang:
Mosey to blocks and move to front of school.
Partner up and work together but reps are individual.
Finish the work then run outer lap and advance to the next station.
Stations as follows (stations 1-8 with blocks)
1. 10 Burpees
2. 20 Thrusters
3. 30 Merkins
4. 40 Block swings
5. 50 Squats with blocks
6. 60 Big Boys
7. 70 Block chest press
8. 80 Curls 4 girls
9. 90 Mt. Climbers
10. 100 SSH
Convergence 2/29 0630 at River Bluff (GraveYard)
Prayer requests
Dear Diary (all PAX)
Ponzi, PAX M with Cancer (Lego)
Faye’s Family (Cheers)
Final Prayer.
Voltron volunteered to meet anyone after work at his house to finish the workout

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