• When: 2018-02-13
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Kenwood, Tar Paper #Kotters, Field Goal, Drisoket, Navy Bean, Moist, Trickle, Puck

Scotchfest at CAT

9 pax defied the #fartsack this morning as YHC was called out of the bullpen to Q.  If Gravedigger says he is too banged up to Q, and if you know Gravedigger, then you know it is legit.  YHC wanted to dial up a good one to push the pax since that is was GD would have done.

Weather: 46 degrees, slight wind chill

Disclaimer and Prayer.

Slowsy to football field and line up on the goal line.  YHC forgot to do any stretching exercises, and made a reference that Ken Doll would want us to perform some form of a warm up…mumblechatter cranked up at this point.  Field Goal enjoyed yelling “who is your daddy” for about 5 minutes and we all got a good laugh.  YHC should have just said the weinke was already typed up.  Below is the work that was performed.

SSH x15 IC
TTT x15 IC
IW x15 IC

Line up on goal line:
Bear crawl 20 yards 20 merkins
Bear crawl back 20 merkins
Crawl bear 20 yards 20 merkins
Crawl bear back 20 merkins
Side plank walk 20 merkins
Side plank walk back 20 merkins
Crab walk 20 yards 20 merkins
Crab walk back 20 merkins

Mosey to big stairs:
10 calf raises each step 20 BBSU at top
20 V ups at bottom
10 squats each step 20 BBSU
20 V ups at bottom

Find a line on the parking lot.

face baseball field, jump forward over the line, jump back, 50 OYO

face gym, 50 side to sides OYO

face Lowe’s foods, 50 front and backs OYO

face the football field, 50 side to sides OYO

Scotch’s Squatfest:

20 squats

20 rabbit squats

20 Bobby Hurley’s

20 monkey humpers

20 sumo squats

20 prisoner squats

Stay in the circle and get in plank position

5 merkins, next pax, 5 merkins, all the way around and hold plank until we finish.

stay in plank, Mountain climbers x10 IC

4 merkin wave

stay in plank, MC x10 IC

3 merkin wave, MC x10 IC

2 merkins wave, MC x10 IC

1 merkin wave, MC x10 IC


True to Brew 4/21

Dam to Dam relay 2/24

P200 3/23-3/24

Carolina Reaper 7/14


Doodle’s Daughter



Much is being preached, taught, and written right now about the marriage relationship, and for good reason. We pray at each workout for marriages. It’s also almost Valentine’s Day. I felt lead to talk about marriages.

I researched and easily found some articles.  One with a list of helpful hints at how a man can lead the charge in his own home toward a more loving relationship with his wife.

1. Pay Attention

Common sense, boys. Your wife is giving you a steady stream of information, 24 hours a day, about who she is and what she needs and how she feels.
Turn off your phone, watch SportsCenter later, and watch her. Listen to her. Observe her day, the things that cause her stress and the things that bring her joy and the things that frustrate her. Then use your problem solving skills to step in to her routine and offer what she needs.
2. Help Out Around The House

There is much to be done in the home. The most common practical thing wives say they would appreciate from their man is a helping hand around the house.
Wash the dishes. Fold the laundry. Hang up your clothes. Teach your kids how to sweep and mop and vacuum and then make them do it. Ask her to make a list of little projects around the house that she wants completed and then get to work on them.
3. Verbally Affirm Her

Men are not known to be super-good at communicating how we feel, so this may be a bit difficult…but learn how to talk to her in positive ways with a loving tone.
Affirm her as a person, as your wife, as a mom, and as a Christian. Tell her that you notice all of her hard work and that you appreciate her. Go beyond simple compliments (don’t stop giving them) and affirm her character. Become more aware of who she is and all that she does. Do those things with her. Tell her that she is a great woman, over and over again. Encourage her.
4. Ask Questions and Be Quiet

Pry into her business. Get nosey. Lean forward and stare at her face when she talks. And let her talk. Resist the urge to comment, offer advice, or fix her. Ask lots of questions then listen and learn.
5. Get Her Away

You may think this is for her, but it’s for both of you. Nothing refreshes her soul or energizes her love for you like getting away for a few hours, overnight, or a few days with her husband. The pressure subsides. The to-do list disappears. The “re-set” button is pushed.
So whether it’s dinner, a movie and a long walk in the woods or an overnight excursion to the Holiday Inn in the next town, spend the money on a babysitter and plan a getaway with your wife. Make these a habit and you will both begin to look forward to them like a kid anticipates Christmas.

I wish i could say i was good at these 5 points. I wish i could say i was good at 1 of them. With all that is going on in the world and all that is going on locally, and in F3…I found this as a fitting topic. I hope i am disciplined enough to revert back to this list often so i can form some habits of showing love to my wife.

On another note: guys I highly encourage you all to Q. It makes you lead a group of men which is impactful for your leadership skills. An important part of the Q’s role is to leave something for the pax to remember. The devotional portion of the Q is important. You have to research the topic. You have to think about it and you have to be ready to present it. And you never know who needs to hear it. I’d like to challenge you all to make devotional a part of your Q.