• When: 2021-02-25
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: OBC, Prenup, Goose, Lumen, Trademark, Crawlspace, BallBoy

Score goes off campus and learns new tricks

Eight men came out on a nice morning to learn some new exercises and get some work in.  Solid work and effort by all.

Conditions: 48 degrees


SSH x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x20 IC

High Knees x20 IC

Downward dog

Captain Thor x10 OYO and then explained several new exercises

Crunchy Frog x10 OYO (similar to boat/canoe)

Little Baby Flutter Crunch x10 OYO (adding flutter kick to LBCs)

Dr. W x5 IC (8 count exercise combining Dolly, Rosalita and Crunch)

Leg stretching exercises to limber up for our mosey

Mosey to Shandon Wood corner and get on sidewalk for following:

SSH x15 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Next new exercise called: Flying nun – lunge walk while doing little baby arm circles

Mosey to corner of Michigan for game called All about the Benjamins: 4 exercises with 25 reps each, totaling 100 (squats, mountain climbers, plank jacks, big boy situps)

Mosey to the corner of Daly and Kline to avoid the most dangerous intersection in Columbia and repeat all about the Benjamins

Mosey to the corner of Kline and Princeton and repeat all about the Benjamins

Mosey to the corner of Princeton and Devereaux and repeat all about the Benjamins

Mosey to the sandbox and grab a couple bricks and circle up for the following:

Curls for the girls x10 IC

Bonnie and Clyde x10 IC

Tricep ext x10 IC

Overhead claps x10 IC

Gas pumpers with bricks x10 IC and put bricks up

Lt Dan for 3 rounds and then mosety back to corner of Daly and Michigan and circle up. Pax told to keep their feet in air during this set:

Freddie Mercury x15 IC

Boxcutter x15 IC

Hello Dolly x15 IC

Rosalita x15 IC

Mosey back to Shandon Wood and circle up:

SSH x15 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Mosey back to Dreher for final couple exercises:

Little Baby Prenups x15 IC forwards and backwards

Howling Monkeys

COT and BOM: Solid work by all. Enjoyed being with everyone. Three for coffee and breakfast at Lizards Thicket. Prayers for Ripcord as he is struggling with back pain.

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