• When: 2017-08-22
  • QIC: Detention Boys
  • The PAX: Patches, Postal, Rebound (R), Jill (R), Fake News, Adluh, Purdy, Blue Rhino, Punch Card, Rook, Candy Stripe, Rumble Strip

Rumble’s Not Q

Nothing like waking up at 0515 on Q day – a stream of expletives, throw on the first thing within reach, brush the teeth (Nantan said so), and peel out of the driveway as the neighbor and his dog run for their lives. The one thing YHC did not do while en route to the AO was worry that the PAX would be lost in any way. These dudes know how to get down, and they don’t need some sleepy, middle-aged Q with no concept of personal space to show them how to party. After a brisk walk of shame to the blockpile, YHC joined his brothers for a pain-laden dealers choice throwdown. Here’s what it looked like, best as I can recall.

Weather: Nice


COP – don’t know , I was getting in the car at this time

Mosey to the blockpile and get you one, then go to the Principal. Line up at the bottom.

Curls x 20
Sprint to the top
Merkin x 20
Sprint to the bottom
Tricep extension x 20
Sprint to the top
Flutter kick x 20
Sprint to the bottom
Squat x 20
Sprint to the top
LBC x 20
Sprint to the bottom
Lap around the track
Elf on the shelf x 20
Sprint to the top
Something else at the top
Sprint to the bottom
Block carry up and down the stairs
Return blocks to pile
Mosey to the flag for #Mary, do that for 5 minutes or so

COT: announcements, prayer requests, prayer

Psalm 1:3 – He is like a tree
    planted by streams of water
that yields its fruit in its season,
    and its leaf does not wither.
In all that he does, he prospers.
As men, it is of greatest importance that we find time to be alone with the Lord – praying and studying His word. Look for opportunities throughout your day to spend some time reading scripture and praying.