• When: 2018-01-04
  • QIC: Lap Dog
  • The PAX: Smithers, Uncle Rico, MIB, A1A, Hokie Pokie

Push Up Pops

Conditions: Not favorable even with layers

The Thang-

1. Merry


20 LAC

10 OAC

2. Mosey to the hand warming benches for an exciting game of power hour! (Well not a full hour, more like power half hour) For anyone who     hasn’t attended a gathering of drinking age youth, this is taking a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Which would achieve the opposite results of what everyone showed up for this morning. So unfortunately it didn’t include any booze but instead some all natural home made merkins! The excitement ooooozed from everyone’s body, atleast that’s how I saw it. Others might disagree, but oh well.


1st 15 minutes – 10 Merkins per minute- learned that previously owned smart wool socks  make great last minute gifts for family members who may have been forgotten.  Was rightfully criticized for lack  of 10 second warnings which I promised to do a better job of.

Next 10 minutes- 12 Merkins per minute- 10 second warnings improved but not by much as I had placed more focus on the social media escapades being shared.

Last 10 minutes- 15 Merkins per minute- 10 second warnings drastically improved.

420 total Merkins

Mosey back

Announcements- still cold, Dam 2 Dam relay run 

Prayer request for MIB’s brother in-law