• When: 2018-01-05
  • QIC: Olive Oil
  • The PAX: Booster, Pepto, Watergate, Steel Toe, Pothole, Arrears, Blades, Black Lung, Double Fault, Booger, Lumbergh, Chedder, A1A (sadly I did not know who all was there until the name-o-rama as everyone was bundled up good)

Will we be on Live PD???

Temperature – 11 degrees.  Brrr.  It. Was. Cold.

YHC actually got a text before leaving the house from another PAX if we were going to have enough.  The plan then was made that if we didn’t, we were going to find a way to work out at the local Waffle House.

My stomach was a little disappointed when 14 PAX descended on the fields (icy) of Riverland Hills.  As you would expect, playing Frisbee (actually Froccer) in the cold…..real cold is never the most pleasant sight.  And we even had to move the goals as one side of the field had legit ice that everyone was slipping on.  One team had Booster and speed.  The other did not have Booster and no speed.  YHC will let you guess who won….even with Pepto leaving.

The interesting part was after the lights had been turned on and a few PAX were already there, a deputy from the police substation swung by.  He ask if everything was ok.  Of course we said yes.  He then asked what we were doing…and YHC said “something stupid.”  He laughed.  I told him we were playing Frisbee and invited him to join.  He laughed and stated he was “working”, but wanted to watch “the crazies” for a few minutes.


Next week is futbol at River Bluff….if the futbol comes.