• When: 2022-01-04
  • QIC: Blue Rhino
  • The PAX: Sparky, BroadHead,Haboob, Adluh, Tailspin, Barcrawl,Trainwreck, GreenJeans, Tardy,Deebo,Booboo, Banjo, BlueRhino

Organized Chaos

Conditions: *cold, * 32*


The Thang:
If the Leaders Lead- the pax will follow: As AOQ of the #Detainees,it is only right to kick off the new year with a BR Q. Plenty of mumblechatter to be had, but excellent work by all. Here is how it went down. 

Circle up:
-SSH x10 IC
-11 Merkins OYO
-TTT x10 IC
-11 Merkins OYO
-Arm Circles x 10 IC Fwd
-Arm Circles x 10 IC Rev (just because it’s fun to mess with TARDY)
-SSHx5 IC 
-Squat 20 OYO

-Mosey to block pile

– Count off  1,2, 1,2, 1,2 so forth
-Split into two groups 1 on left, 2 on right

Mumblechatter begins-

We’ll perform 3 exercises- Overhead press, Curls for girls, Merkins- ( some heard, others swear they didn’t)  while you and your partner farmer carry blocks up stairs. Mumble/Grumble Nevermind *Tardy*, we’ll just farmer carry blocks up stairs solo.  (What does my partner do???)  The rest of your group will perform said three exercises. #mumblechatter madness

Rinse and Repeat after each group cycles through. We survived the happy bus chaos-

Clear, crisp, and near perfect directions were executed for last exercise. 

Each group lines blocks against wall- walk to start point, line up. leader of each group, grab block. Group 1 and 2 lined up for NadTappers Indian Run- 

Group 1 – or- struggle bus – took a hot minute, but, eventually understood the assignment.  Group 2 executed a flawless victory

Repeat- Group 1, the quick learners they are, coasted into victory lane with plenty of high fives, laughter, and cheers. 

If you were there, you would understand how it all truly went down, but, the point is control what you can, let the rest go.

Q’ing is scary if you haven’t done it- mainly for the fear of what others will think. But in reality, a good group of men, will heckle, laugh, and enjoy it more than someone serious. This doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Learning comes from experience and experience comes from growing. Growing with a group like Detention makes me want to get up and do #CSAUP things.



-Dam 2 Dam 


-BooBoo/Urn newborn right around the corner

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