• When: 2021-08-05
  • QIC: HomeBrew
  • The PAX: Kendoll, MuggyTape,Breakfast Bowl, Bubble Wrap, Splatter, Ruggmaster, Sheshed Homebrew

My Buddy

You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂

The ease of humidity ITG allowed for YHC to dial up a block heavy workout. Those dusty ole grey blocks have been ignored the past few posts at the Beechhouse; so it was time for them to come out and play. While consuming a few planning beverages the night before, YHC was struck with a bit of nostalgia thinking about ways of carrying our grey little friends around the Beech like we used to drag our My Little Buddys everywhere we went. It was settled, where we went, so did the block. 



Clear Cool 67 deg Low Humidity. A gift from above in these dog days. 


The Thang:


Pray In

Mosey to back and get the blocks aka My Buddy


Circle of Pain:

15 x Side Straddle Hops

15 x Thru the Tunnel

15 x Imperial Walkers

15 x LBC Forward

15 x LBC Reverse

15 x Michael Phelps

2 x Hamstring Stretch ~ 30s

2 x Calf Stretch ~ 30s


Main Event:

Intervals 45s on, 15s rest:

  1. Decline merkin, feet on block with punch (ea. arm)
  2. Jump squat holding block, 180s if you’re a hoss
  3. Napalms (or curls for the gurls)
  4. Incline double Peter Parkers on block
  5. Good morning Rons (good morning lift w/ bent over row at bottom)


Run backwards with block at chest ~25yrds

Turn; sprint ~25yrds John Cusack style

Mosey back and recover 1 minute


Repeat until time to return to shovel flag. (3.4 times for us)



Wisdom & Patience, James 1:2-5




Same ole, same ole. 


Prayer Requests:

Injuries Pax




Pray Out



Stop at end of three cycles b/c it ran a little long. Supplement time a shovel flag with core exercises if necessary. 

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