• When: 2020-12-31
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, Shankopotamus, Pull Out, Nub, Wilson, Hollywood

Moving Blocks at Smokehouse

The Pax assembled for the 5am workout at approximately 5:01am.  The conditons were fabulously gloomy, 45degrees and a light mist.

The pax were equally as interested in a workout as they were hitting up the local waffle house for a hot coffee and delicious buttery peacan waffles soaked in syrup.  YHC was having none of that talk and delivered the disclaimer and called the men to the starting position for the first exercise.

-Pre thang stretching

Wind mills X 10 IC

YHC then asked Shank to lead us in the worlds greatest stretch because well he is the master.

-The warm up – 5 min AMRAP

20 Rocky Balboa, 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10 SSH

-The thang

Mosey to the block pile.  YHC needs to leave entering the fence pros as yours truely nearly added breaking to the entering of the the fence.  A pax who clearly knows his way around a chainlink saved the Q and put things back right.

Each Pax took a block and lined up on the goal line or close to it. Each Pax did 10 block thrusters and then expertly performed bear crawl block drags 10 yards (ish).  9 block thrusters and then 10 more yards, so forth and so on unitl the blocks where all the way across the field.

The pax left blocks and went over to the track to play 11s.   10BBSU, lunge across the track, 1 American hammer, reverse lunge back, 9BBSU, lunge across the track, 2 American Hammers, reverse lunge back, on and on

The blocks need to go back the pile. The Pax carried the blocks back across the field and YHC realized there was about 5 minutes left so there was still time to lift these block. 

2 sets of 10 single arm rows on each arm and 20 blocks swings.

Mosey to the…..parking lot


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