• When: 2021-02-25
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Booster, Wapner, Wilbur, ButterMaker, Canseco, Darpa, LittleGiants

Mild Temps & Block Work

Weather: nearly 50, dry, calm wind (able to work up a good sweat in shorts and a hoodie)

Shoutout to the 5 guys the joined WingMan #sheildlock

Disclaimer and prayer started at 5. From there moseyed to the teachers lot and circled up for warmup. Ssh, ttt, iw and mt climbers all 10 ic. From here Pax directed to the block pile to retrieve a coupon and meet on the near bb court.

Pax divided into 1s and 2s and paired up. One partner would perform one exercise amrap while the other performed specific number of other exercise then flashback and rinse and repeat until 5 minutes passed.

Exercises were: curls with 20 mercans, shoulder and/or chest press with 20 calf raise, clean front squat with step up 5 ea leg, block mercans with 5 lunge each leg with block overhead, bbsu with block and 20 calf raise, thruster and lunge with block 5 each leg.

Returned blocks and moseyed back to the flag for a couple minutes of boat canoe.

Announcements: annivergence at graveyard, 6:30 start time, cottonmouth at lake murray – HC if you plan to participate, p200, cross ruck on Good friday

Prayer requests: notebook, no show, pocahontas father, others

Devo: iron sharpens iron, proverbs 27:17

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