• When: 2017-08-01
  • QIC: Meter
  • The PAX: 13 pax posted for Meter's one year anniversary Q. It was a rinse and repeat of YHC's first BC plus the mountain climbers and burpees at the end. Only this time I was able to participate and complete all exercises. Shoutout to Tutu for the push last year and all my Ambush and F3 Lex brothers for the many pushes since.

Meter 1 Year Anniversary Q

 Weather: a cool and clear 60 



 The Thang:

 SSH IC X 25TTT IC X 25Merkins IC X 15LBC’s IC X 20Squats IC X 20

 Mosey to the loop

 Partner up (100 merkins / 100 LBC’s / 100 squats) as a pairPartner 1 runs loop, Partner 2 does exercise. Rotate until you get the 300 reps in

Mosey to bus loop

Lunge two poles and walk two poles all the way down bus loop X 1 Shuffle all the way down bus loop (rotating on call) X 1 Backpedal / jog all the way down bus loop (rotating on call) X 1 Wall Sits X 3 X 1 minute

Mosey to 4 sided hexagon

5 Dips / 5 Decline Merkins

4 Dips / 4 Decline Merkins

3 Dips / 3 Decline Merkins

2 Dips / 2 Decline Merkins

1 Dip / 1 Decline Merkin

5 Dips / 5 Decline Merkins

 Step up, over and down the bench X 25

LBC’s IC X 20

Heel Touches IC X 20

6 Inches IC X 20

BBSU’s IC X 10

*Mountain climbers IC X 20

*Burpees 20 OYO


Prayers for Posey's family (Peachy's grandfather) Hunter family Mann family


John 16:33

James 1:2-4