• When: 2017-10-18
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Urkle, Wilson, Shankapotomus (Respect) Penfold, Danger Mouse, T&G, Cinco de Mayo, Wino, Aunt Bee, Puck, Sparky-FNG (welcome) Happy Meal- FNG (welcome) and Stay Puff

Let’s see if we can find those early out of the roost Pax

YHC arrived to see more cars than Pax as 2 had set off early to get in some bonus miles. Way to push Wilson and Urkle. The Rooster was alive with 13 total Pax including 2 FNGs (Welcome Steven- Happy Meal and Cody-Sparky) for the mornings’ run/ruck. The ruckers headed out in search of possums again while the running route was for 4.5 miles with outlets to shorten as needed. Some ran more, some ran less but all got better.

Conditions: Perfect fall morning, brisk mid forties



The Route

The ruckers headed out Main taking a right on Hwy 1. They followed down 1 taking a right on N Bedenbough over to 23 and then Barr to Frances St then on to the Rooster. The runners paced down Bernard takjng a left 23 and cutting past Hollywood Estates to run the Danie Dr l loop. After  taking a left back onto  Hwy 1 we turned left onto 245 then a right Rawls. Rawls could be followed back to Hwy 1 with the option to cut off mileage at any side street along the way. We followed Hwy 1 back to Main turning toward Rooster. Great work by all!