• When: 2019-02-10
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: Honeybun (R), Dance Mom, T Spot, Brainiac, Katniss (QIC)

Kettlebell Kings WOD

Conditions,  cold 35 degrees breezy


COT , prayer

Count o rama,  Name o rama

Missing 2 regulars Emmy  and Ebert,  glad to see Dance Mom. T spot rolled in too.  Kettlebellkings.com sent me their weekly WOD so we used it today along with some added work.

The Thang,

Kettlebell kings weekly WOD done with extra added to fill time.

Warm up



LBAC 10/10 IC




Kettlebells begin….

10 heavy KB calf presses

20 each shoulder KB shrugs

15 heavy KB calf presses

20 OH KB full arm extension shoulder presses

20 heavy KB calf presses

10 each side – side plank KB pressed to sky with free arm while pax dips lower hip to ground and back maintaining core control.

25 heavy KB calf presses


Kettlebell kings WOD portion

10 AROUND THE WORLDS each direction
10 FIGURE 8’S each direction

Ending with all pax on 6 circle up for abdominal workout , pick your pain.

Honeybun, American Hammer 20 4ct ic with kettlebell

Dance mom flutter kicks with bell overhead,  10 4ct IC

Katniss,  BBSU  with bell then overhead press 20

Brainiac, v ups with bell press up

T spot , BBSU with bell 10

Honeybun, 1 minute plank on bell

Dance mom, cant remember but it was awful

Katniss,  hold bell straight  up while on your back do abdominal crunches 20 pushing bell to the sky using abdominals

Brainiac , not so lazy boys with bell 5 rotations 10 seconds each position left ,center, right.


Dam2dam feb 16

P200 march 22,23



Honeybuns wife , mom ,and brother

Brainiac’s knee and general healing from effects of arthritis

Family of Wyatt, a boy that passed away from cancer recently.  Mom and dad have new baby born early and dads mother diagnosed with cancer.



While YHC has been  keeping  up with my normal BC attendance I had not been running for about  13 days. We did a 7 miler on that day.  My days have been busy with  so many  other things going on that i did not run my short runs.  upon realizing just how long has it been I began to worry and feared my next run would be terrible. To be honest I have been dealing with some right ankle problems and the rest seemed to be helping. About a year ago I had dealt with a bout of plantar fasciitis which is a horrible thing to endure. The plantar fasciitis lasted about 7 months. That was when I was rucking heavily and trying to complete Pathfinder endure. I knew continuing could be catastrophic for the arch of my right foot. I stopped rucking to rest and then complete the 10 mile mountain ruck at the last minute to complete PF Endure. The rest helped me heal.  I replaced rucking with running and the plantar fasciitis has not returned but I began to have tendonitis along the outside of my right  ankle.  That brings me back to the 13 days of no running.  On the 13th day, morning , I decided to give a 5k distance a try at a slow and easy pace.  I did a short warm up and began my run. The first mile ended up being well under 8 minutes and the two remaining miles we’re in the low eights.  I still had some gas in the tank for the last tenth of a mile and put that down at near the 7-minute mark. My average pace ended up being my best Pace to date. I was totally shocked that I was able to do that. but one thing I realized was that my ankle and my Arch we’re not hurting and I felt like I was able to push off better with my right foot during my run.

Rest…. it will do wonders if we stop and let it happen.  I’m not giving you an excuse to fart sack. Only to say that it is okay to give your body the rest it needs.

Sometimes it takes greater faith and courage to admit we’re tired and we need to reassess why we’re doing what we’re doing. God welcomes soul searching. He’s loves being with us on that intimate journey.

The one thing I have been doing lately is asking God to be involved in my runs and my workouts and not let my pride get in the way. That is still hard for me especially as a person who has done nothing that eventful before F3. I was so thankful to have had a good run that I immediately begin to praise and thank the Lord for allowing me to have the strength to do it. It is a momentary blessing that will not last for any of us. No matter how great of shape you are in the day will come when our bodies will fail. Even in that failure we must give God the praise and glory.

Rest physically when you need to and rely on God to give you rest for your soul.

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden … and I will give you rest for your souls.” – Matthew 11:28

Your brother,