• When: 2021-03-02
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Finch, Pups(Rx2), Deadstick (Rx2), Ebert, Emmy, Brainiac, PETA, Katniss (R)

HIIT’em Up

Conditions 47° F

1 minute warning 

No FNGs 


Prayer/  COT 

Mosey to the field and circle up 

Warm up with some classic exercise 4ct IC

HIIT workout by Fitness Blender 

Do each exercise interval without rest(no rest between exercises) .  20 sec rest between each interval. 

HIIT Ladder Workout
60 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
60 Sec – High Knees
60 Sec – Burpee
60 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

50 sec – Flutter Kick Squat
50 Sec – High Knees
50 Sec – Burpee
50 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

40 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
40 Sec – High Knees
40 Sec – Burpee
40 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

30 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
30 Sec – High Knees
30 Sec – Burpee
30 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

20 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
20 Sec – High Knees
20 Sec – Burpee
20 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

10 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
10 Sec – High Knees
10 Sec – Burpee
10 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

The idea of this kind of workout is that you are pushed to your near breaking point in terms of cardiovascular threshold and capacity for exertion, but it’s completely doable because of the frequent breaks and high intensity intervals that get increasingly short as you progress.


Finish with HIIT now round the circle with pax calling exercise and cadences until time.  Pups called 60 secs of rest ,Deadstick made us do HIS chiropractor prescribed exercises, Finch copperhead squats, Ebert Dead bugs, there were merkins, LBCs , and other exercises performed but YHC is old and forgot them. 

Mosey to the flag 

Count o rama and name o rama 


P200 F3 Lexington teams need runners

Cottonmouth coming 

F3 Lexington anniversary 7yrs 3/6  Saturday at Riverbluff F3 Graveyard 630am

Trash pick up was a big success thanks to all the pax participating, special thx to Deadstick and Bunkbed for taking the pickup load of bags to the dump station 


PETAs son

Fleas foot/ankle

Emmy job situation, health/recovery 

Steamers son 

Honeybun life stuff we all know he has a lot going on right now 

Brainiac health/ healing,  wrestling skills. Maybe rename him Nacho Libre 

Ralphie healing, we got your 6😉

If I forgot about you, I am sorry, I’m old and forgetful.  

Love you brothers,




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