• When: 2019-01-12
  • QIC: Nub, Happy Trees, Babe
  • The PAX: Cootie, Lunchmeat, Happy Trees, Swayze, Mermaid, Puck, Farkus, Matlock, Babe, Short Beard, Aflac, Pole Dancer, Flo (R), Gump (R), Peach Fuzz, Shankapotomus (R), Kickstand, Nub

Happy 1 yr #TheValley

Happy Anniversary to @F3Saluda #TheValley!  Just a little over a year ago, thoughts of expansion filled the heads of some Smokehouse Pax and the idea was floated to former Nantan Ken Doll and even though Saluda was a little too far outside the Lexington, Aiken, Augusta and Greenwood regions, this didn’t stop the plan to #giveitaway to what now has become a strong group of F3 Nomads.  The plan was put into place and #Tclaps to all the above mentioned regions for helping during that start-up period by sending QIC’s over and showing #TheValley boys the ropes (especially since most of the month of January 2018 was among the coldest I’ve been a part of in the gloom).  These new Pax and the veterans who assisted pushed and grew in that first month and throughout this past year.  Certainly this was one anniversary party that was well earned!  So when YHC was approached by newly minted AOQ Peach Fuzz about the anniversary, it was decided that former and current Smokehouse AOQ’s Happy Tree’s and Babe (The Punisher) and YHC would join forces in bringing some anniversary presents of pain!  18 Pax posted for the festivities and all left better.

Conditions:  32° (a heatwave compared to the 12° we started with last yr)

2 min warning, then 1 min warning, double the warning so that the scared had an extra chance to run away–All stayed and HT’s welcomed the Pax in attendance and disclaimed the traditional Smokehouse warning to #protectyourself

Opening Prayer


HT’s–SSH x 15 IC,  Merkins x 10 IC

Babe–LBAC forwards and reverse x 10 IC, Windmills x 15 IC

Nub–Hillbillies x 10 IC, Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

The Thang:

HT’s called to partner up and we were told to keep count of reps as there would be a prize for the highest number at then end. Round 1– P1 did rowers while P2 broad jumped 50 yds and run back flapjack.  Round 2–P1 did rowers while P2 lunged 50 yds and runs back, Flapjack.  Now count up your total number of rowers between partners, Congrats to Gump and Puck for completing 158 total rowers.  Prize time!!!  Prize will be Burpees for all, insert slow clap here…158 rowers ÷ 2 pax = 79 Burpees.  So P1 starts Burpees while P2 runs down and back flapjack until 79 Burpees achieved.  Nice warm-up HT’s, now on to Babe-The Punisher…

Babe calls to mosey to parking lot and explains the Bear Crawl/CDD ladder.  Bear Crawl to first parking space line 10 Carolina Dry Docks, Crawl Bear back to start.  Bear Crawl to second parking space line 9 CDD, crawl bear back and so on and so forth until you finished or until time was called–Ouch!  From there Babe lined us up into 2 lines and explained we’d Indian Run until Nub’s time would start and we’d take the long way around (of course).  However, he did let us pick our line, slow line and fast line…obviously some of #TheValley pax didn’t understand because I know it wasn’t Nub or my slow Smokehouse brethren that started the Indian Run/Sprint in the “SLOW” line!!!  Way too quickly for my liking we reached our destination and luckily since we had to wait on the “FAST” line to arrive, that gave YHC a slight chance to catch his breath to congratulate Babe for his portion and to let the pax know that the hard part was mercifully over.  My turn so we slow moseyed to the side parking lot where the cool down was upon us.

YHC explained that at a lot of AO’s, a periodic test workout is performed to gauge where you start and how you are developing as more time in the gloom transpires.  So I brought a little of Smokehouse’s Smoker with me.  9 light poles. Pole 1-20 Merkins run to P2-1 Burpee, P3-2ct Flutter Kicks, P4-Burpee, P5-20 LBC’s, P6-Burpee, P-7 20 2ct Am Hammers, P8-Burpee, P9-20 Squats.  That will complete 1 round and add one rep to everything until time is called, see i told you, piece of “anniversary” cake.

Mosey to flag for Mary

Time called

Count/Name O Rama

Announcements/Prayer concerns 


Special #Tclaps to Alfac, who had a Bear Crawl fall a few weeks ago and broke his elbow but still posted in a cast and 1-armed and squatted his way to the finish line.

On to Punk’s for coffeteria