• When: 2018-12-14
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, Belding, Doodle, Stay Puff

Hairless, Soggy, Bo Berry Biscuit run

T’was a particularly gloomy, gloom this morning.  Heavy rain was giving way to light rain and YHC had to Q for the Rooster.  The promise of the 2nd F Breakfast to follow this run was a huge push to this Pax to the parking lot of Bojangles.  YHC arrived a few minutes before 5 and the rain had slowed significantly.  The route was all YHC had decided on, to ruck or to run was still up in the air.  It would depend on the other pax that posted.  At 5AM, Belding pulled up and Stay Puff posted that he overslept but said he was going to be late.  the Pax waited for a few moments for the sleepy pax but eventually decided that it was time to go get better.  Belding had no ruck, so it would be a Puck and Belding duo running our route.

The Route:

Right out of the BoJo parking lot onto HWY 1

Right at Walgreens on Mitchell st.

Run down to the High School and turn in at the bus loop and round around the school.

Run the same route back to BoJo.

Once back at we were met by Doodle who got a late start and ran from his house to BoJo and apparently just missed us leaving the parking.  He ran somewhere, met us at 5:45, ate some breakfast then we and ran some more. T-claps.

Staypuff after getting a little additional beauty sleep posted at BoJo at 5:45 for 2nd F breakfast.  T-Claps for posting for fellowship.

It was later pointed out that all the fellows who ran this morning were very bald. Indeed, there was no worry about what our hair looked like when we were done.