• When: 2019-10-29
  • QIC: Neck Brace
  • The PAX: Clarece, Uncle Rico, Slate, Smithers, Milkman, Noodle, Lemon, Updyke, Hairnet, Lapdog, Neck Brace

Feel the Burn

Conditions – 59 degrees, gloomy. 11 Pax defied the fartsack and entered the gloom ready to work. At two-til, we discussed how to handle your enemies or adversaries, specifically how to should kindness without showing weakness. We were reminded that we are charged to show God’s love even to those who are difficult to love. Romans 12: 20-21.

The Thang
Single Applesauce for 400M.

SSH x 20 IC
Monkeyhumbers x 15 IC
Imperial Walker x 15 IC
LBC x 15 IC

Partner Up, Grab a Block and Report to Endline
500 Flutters w/ Arms Up – One pax fluttering, other pax does 20 lunges, flapjack until completed
400 Curls w/ Block – One pax curling, other pax holding 6in until 1st pax reaches 40, flapjack
300 Squats – One pax squating, other pax does 20 iron crosses, flapjack
200 Rows w/ Block – One pax rowing, other pax does 10 knee-ups, flapjack
Each pax does 50 merkins


1. Cottonmouth on 2/29/20
2. Camping/Hiking Trip on 11/23-11/24 at Table Rock – 20 Miles hiked with camping overnight. See Smithers or Fools Gold for details. Several Pax have already HCed.
3. Follow @F3Two_Til for all devotions
4. After Christmas Christmas Party on 1/11/20 with Ms.