• When: 2018-11-27
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: T&G, HT, Nub, cootie, puck, and Shank (respect)

Farmer carry at smokehouse

YHC arrived to find Cootie not only returned to the gloom after a long outage at work but also post for a stridelite. By 5 til 4 more pax had arrived for the Tuesday morning gloom.

YHC was also happy to see Shank (R) return to the gloom after a long break due to surgery.

At 5AM, time was called.

Disclaimer, Prayer, and we are off

There was no COP this morning.  Straight to buisness after after a quick mosey to the block pile. The men of Smokehouse did a quick warm up while YHC tried to figure out his workout timer.  Just a few LBAC and Imperial walkers.

Everyone Grab 2 blocks.

YHC set up the interval timer on the phone for 1 minute of the harder thing and 15 second of rest

When the timer goes off farmer carry the blocks for 1 minute around the track. When time is up, there was a 15 second pause for YHC to deliver the next exercise then for the next minute the Pax did AMRAP of that exercise. YHC decided to start at the bottom of the pax and work his way up.

In between each of the movements listed below the Pax farmer carried the blocks for 1 minute

Calf raises standing on one block while holding the other for 1 minute

Isometric weighted lunge, block on right shoulder step back with left leg into a lunge and stand back up.

Isometric lunges on the other side

Iso bent over row (one side then the other)

Flutter kick while holding the block overhead

Single leg bridge w/the lifting foot on the block (one side then the other)

Squat while holding 1 block for 1 minute

Block thrusters for 1 minute

Curls for the girls for 1 minute

Overhead presses for 1 minute

Chest presses for 1 minute

Plank block drag (While in high plank, put the block under your chest. Drag the block to one side then drag it back to the other.)

Farmer carry back to the block pile and then mossey back to the flag.

It seems like YHC is forgetting some of the excercises done, this BB is done from memory. The mind and the body are again on different pages. The body still feels the workout but the mind is tring very hard to forget it.  Strong work this morning by all the pax. Super mumble chatter



Prayer lifted up for those who are sick and struggling with chronic health issues.

Announcements: Christmas party, wildcat, LUMC steak dinner

DEVO: Naaman wasn’t scared to do the harder thing but at first rejected the easy help offered by the man of God. We too often refuse to do the easy thing and ask God for help or refuse to accept his free gift and insist on doing the harder or impossible thing. Have faith to do the easy things.