• When: 2017-09-23
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Snoop, Puck, Chaps, Square Dancer, FNG (Hanson)

F3LaurensCo. Puck Q

YHC’s home town is launching its very own F3 region. F3LaurensCounty is having a tough go after the launch didn’t go as well as planned. YHC has been determined to do everything he can to help. YHC has EHed everyone he knows that still lives in the Laurens area. This was the second trip from this pax to Q a workout.

YHC has also been EHing a friend who actually lives in Saluda Co. to come to workout with F3 Lex but he has not made it out to Smokehouse yet. When checking out the travel plan to get from Batesburg-Leesville to Laurens, YHC noticed that he was driving within a few miles of said friend’s house. YHC decided to try the old, “I’ll be in your driveway at 15 til 6, be ready to go workout” trick. YHC was about 90% sure he was going the old, “Maybe next time” response but, not this time. Friend said see you then and YHC was pumped knowing that he was coming to the new AO equiped with an FNG even if the FNG wouldn’t be posting in Laurens long term.

YHC arrived a few minutes ahead of time and watched as 2 and then 3 cars pulled into the parking lot. After greeting the Pax, one of which is YHCs uncle who posts in his signature button down shirt.

Disclaimer: A few extra minutes were taken this am to fully explain what the disclaimer mean and what we mean by modify. It is not permission to do the exercise incorrectly, but a plead to do something the Pax is more comfortable with.


The thang:

Mosey up to the nearby football field for a traveling COP

Windmills and SSH IC X 10 on the 25 ish then Mosey to the goal line

LBAC IC X 10 Forward and backward mosey across the field

Dirty Birds and Overhead claps IC X 10 mosey to the 25 ish yard line

Imperial walkers IC X 10 mosey back across the field to the starting point

Hip touches IC X 10

Line up on the out of bounds line

Arm touches IC X 10 run across the field and back pedal back

Temp merkins IC X 10 run run across the field and back pedal back

Rapid merkins OYO X 10 run across the field and back pedal back

Squat Pauses IC X 10 run across the field and back pedal back

Bobby Hurley OYO X 10 run across the field and back pedal back

Plank it up

Right arm up, left arm up, right leg up, left leg up, right arm and left leg up then left arm and right leg up

Partner up

P1 starts to bear crawl across the field while P2 does 20 Mountain climbers.  P2 runs up to meet P1 and flap jacks

P1 starts to lunge across the field while p2 does 20 imperial walkers.  P2 runs up and catches P1 and flap jacks

YHC decided to take advantage of the picnic table and bleachers for a few exercises

Step ups on the picnic table (AMRAP) for 2 minutes

Dips IC X 15 on the bleachers

Bulgarian split squats on the on the bleachers X10 each leg.

It was then time for the musical portion of our workout so out came the annoying blue tooth speaker and smart phone. The F3 playlist was selected and Moby started blasting from the speaker

Sally plank challenge

Chumba burpee or just chumba up-downs what ever you could do

Sally squat challenge

Sally six inches (I must say, this was awful)

With a few minutes left it was time for Mary

Mosey back to the car



Welcome FNG Hanson (Named for the Hanson triplets from the movie slap shot)

Prayer and Devo

The men of F3Laurens are defiantly doing the harder thing.