• When: 2017-09-21
  • QIC: Tinkle
  • The PAX: Brickhouse,Cookout,Ump,Dirtdobber, Gengham(R),Bull,Hopskip,Hops, Wahoo,Hemingwa,Chumlee,TeachersPet, 4Balls,Loggins,Brickbat,Passball, Grout,Tinkle

Tinkle Thursdays at Tomahawk

18 pax showed up hoping to be able to help F3 Lexington reach our goal of 250 pax. The numbers wasn’t reached but all men worked hard and showed true grit as always at Tomahawk. We even got an opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Hemingway. Yes, we all really sang!


Conditions: Low 60’s and quiet


The Thang:

Disclaimer and Prayers(no FNG’s)

Jailbreak over to the brick piles to help set up circuit #2 on the blacktop. After 18 blocks are collected and put in their designated positions, the pax are ordered to go behind the school to the tires. As the motto goes at Tomahawk, “No Warm-ups, No Modifications”.

4 Corners of Tires

4 Tires were set up in a square approximately  20 yards apart.  4-5 pax got on each tire and did the designated exercise. This was not a team circuit but an individual timed circuit. The listed exercises were to be done on each tire and then another exercise was called to make your way to the next tire.

Tire #1 360 tire merkins(make their way  around the tire in the plank position and do a merkin every time they shift.) Approximately 15-20 merkins.

Crabwalk to Tire #2

Tire #2 Deep Squats x 20

Low crawl  to Tire #3

Tire #3 Leg Thruster x 20(each leg)

Inchworm to Tire #4

Tire #4 Tire Jumps x 20

Bearcrawl to Tire #1

18 minutes down and time was called. 1.5-2 rounds were completed bi most.


Circuit #2

There were 6 workout stations set up on the basketball courts. All 6 locations had 3 blocks set up on them for each pax. Pax were to go to a block and do said exercises.  To get to the next station, they left their block there and did 5 Broad Jump Burpees to next station.

Station #1  Overhead Squats x 10

BroadJump Burpees x 5

Station #2 Thrusters x 10

Broadjump Burpees x 5

Station #3

Curls for the girls x 15

Broadjump burpees x 5

Station #4

Overhead Lunges x 15

Broadjump Burpees x 5

Station #5

Tricep Extensions x 20

BroadJump Burpees x 5

Station #6

Side to Side Block Jumps x 20

BroadJump Burpees x 5

Make their way back to Station #1

Approximately 1.5 -2.5 rounds were covered in 20 minutes

Mosey to the flag


Cheech 10K on 11/11

Hairy Bison

Indian Run on Wednesday and Fridays

Prayer requests:

Teachers Pet’s Brother in Law and Father in law

Everyone going through trials as a result of the  Hurricanes