• When: 2020-10-31
  • QIC: F3 Columbia

F3 Cola 8-Year Anniversary Halloween Explosion Extravaganza Convergence (Pre-Blast)

When: 2020-10-31 0700

QIC- F3 Columbia

The PAX- All who choose to attend

Where: Memorial Stadium-1100 S Holly Street, Columbia, SC 29205

October 2012 was when the wave hit Columbia, SC. 8 years ago, the men of F3 Nation felt it was time to plant the seeds in Columbia to see how it would grow. F3 exploded and it continues to have a grip on our community today.

There have been far too many impactful moments over the last few years to count. Some of the best times came out of some of the darkest moments and we’ve had a little fun along the way. F3 has touched so many men’s lives in our community and a difference has been made.

This year has been tough, but the men of F3 have remained strong. The pax have continued to push the rock. It’s time to get us all back together. It’s time to safely converge and celebrate all the many blessings in our lives.

The beat down begins at 0700 on Saturday, 10/31/2020, at Memorial Stadium parking lot. There will be 5 stations, led by 5 different Qs. We’ll count off and break into five groups where it will be easier to maintain safe distances. Each group will spend 10 minutes at each station. At the end of 10 minutes, the group will rotate to a new station. The stations will consist of various boot camp exercises with a Kettle Bell station mixed in (the bells will be sanitized between each group).

We haven’t forgotten about our runner pax. There will be a couple of great routes of varying distances put together by a run group Q. The routes will be circulated and published on the F3 Twitter and Slack channels on Friday, 10/30.

It’s Halloween, so don’t be scared to wear a costume (seriously). We’re all just big kids. The best costumes will win a sweet prize or two.

We’ll converge at the end for a BOM and prayer like we always do.

Be there to join with your brothers. Bring an FNG. Celebrate this special occasion.

See you in the Gloom!

McNugget and CHYNA

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