• When: 2019-07-02
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Rabbi, Pull Out, Nub, Urkel, Puck, Babe, Shank, Happy Trees, Wilson, Mermaid

Don’t talk Junk about the Q!

As soon as I arrived I knew this was going to be a long workout since people decided to pick on my “running shorts”. Nub called them swimming trunks because he wouldn’t know what running shorts are anyways. I looked to my right and thought I seen a mystical creature but it was Mermaid and a sharp dressed HT. Around 459 we seen headlight and no car sounds so we all knew that Lil B had arrived. We said a little prayer and mosied to the block pile. We all got into a circle on the track and warmed up with 15 SSH. Then 15 Through the tunnel and to 15 LBAC’s. The B team decided to start picking on me so the rest of the pax did squats while the B team did 5 burpees. We then proceeded to do another 15 LBAC reverse then squatted while the pax enjoyed 5 more of the Bouknight burpees. A few pax thought about joining in on the burpees if they got invited to annual beach trip. We did 30 overheard presses on your own and decided to do a nice brick workout. Everyone started out with 10 CFTG then ran 50 yards then did 10 Squats ran back to the blocks and increased by 10 til they got to 50 then back down to 10. It was not a hard workout at all but there was no wind and was very humid. Amid all the fun of this workout, Wilson dropped a block and broke it and had to do 25 burpees. (Swayze rule that is now in effect). We then partnered up to do a 100 polish pounders and time was called to put the block back up.

Announcement’s; 4th of July workout at 5am!

Prayer request: Pole Cats father and daughter, Doodle family and SK, Rollo’s mother.