• When: 2018-12-13
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Wingbat, Postal, Tool Time (R), Over Exposed, Bar Crawl, Banjo, Mia, Giggity, Boo Boo

Detention’s 12 Days of Christmas

YHC has been slacking lately with work and weather so the Q sheet came to the rescue this morning and forced me out of my nice, warm, dog-infested bed.

Weather: tech short sleeve shirt, tech long sleeve shirt, cotton long sleeve shirt, long socks, sweatpants, beanie with face mask. COLD.

1 Minute Warning to the Q, given by the PAX, excellent work




24 SSH

12 TTT


12 IW

Grab key and go unlock the gate so we can run through it to all the way to the blockpile.  1 block per PAX.  Mosey back to parking lot.  PAX hold plank on blocks for the six/while slacker Q (me) lays out station labels with reps/exercises on them in the parking lot.

The idea is to run through the workout as if you were singing the song “12 Days of Christmas” (Over Exposed understood this concept, Wingbat and Postal were just gluttons for punishment).  So you would start at the beginning and run to station 1, do one rep of the exercise, and run back to the start line.  Run to station 2, do two reps of that exercise, run to station 1, do one rep of that exercise, run back to the start line.  Repeat this until you have worked your way through all 12 stations, “counting down” through the stations each time.

Stations were as follows:

1 partridge in a pear tree = 1 burpee

2 turtle doves = 2 T-plank merkins

3 french hens = 3 burpees

4 calling birds = 4 star jumps

5 golden rings = 5 merkins

6 geese a laying = 6 jump squats

7 swans a swimming = 7 freddie mercs

8 maids a milking = 8 curls for the girls with your block

9 ladies dancing = 9 mountain climbers

10 lords a leaping = 10 squats

11 pipers piping = 11 BBSU

12 drummers drumming = 12 SSH

This was tougher than I thought but these men crushed it! I think Wingbat did the 24 days of Christmas, dude moves at hyperspeed.  Postal was close on his tail before time was called.  Great work by all PAX, even in the dark, trying to read the labels.

Take blocks back to blockpile and mosey back to the flag.  2 minutes left.  Alternate high and low planks.

I apologize again for being late this morning men.  Permission granted to come ring my doorbell at 5 am when I have the Q again.



12.14.18 – TOMORROW – F3/FiA Lexington Christmas Party – Saluda River Club – ask anyone who is anyone for details

12.14.18 and every Friday – Urban Legend – meets at 9/11 memorial in downtown Lexington – bring reflective gear/Nox vest and a headlamp

12.24.18 – Nativity Ruck – 5 am to 6:30 am – see Quisenberry for ?s

2.16.19 – Dam to Dam Relay – see Juice or Paper Jam for ?s

3.22.19/3.23.19 – Palmetto 200 – lots of people can answer ?s

3.23.19 – Balding for Bray – see Blue Rhino for ?s


Prayer Requests:

Wingbat – strength

Tool Time – friend Arianna loss