• When: 2020-03-12
  • QIC: 7-11
  • The PAX: Quest, Cowbell, Floppy Disk, Voltron (R), Notebook, RockDrop (R), Forrest, Fast Casual, 7-11

DD on our minds!

YHC was excited to have some awesome weather and be surrounded by the regulars at Arena. The Gladiator needed some tune-ups before the Gaunlet and the YHC decided it would be a great morning for a test run. Floppy brought some good music (although Rock Drop would disagree) and the PAX did the hard thing and got a little sharper today. YHC thought it would be good to add a competitive element into our Gladiator challenge and instituted a “title belt” in which the PAX to complete the most laps of the Gladiator would be the Champ (which means the next time Arena runs the Gladiator the Champ must defend his title), Congrats to Cowbell who is our first Arena Gladiator Champion.

Conditions: Clear, cool (50 degrees) – GREAT WEATHER,GOD IS GOOD!
Disclaimer, Prayer

The Thang:
“Gladiator” Test Run
At end of each lap do a Burpee per lap at start line, finish 1st lap – 1 Burpee at start lin, 2nd lap = 2 Burpees
1st Cone = 5 Burpees
2nd Cone = 10 T Plank Merkins
3rd Cone = 15 3 count Flutter Kicks
4th Cone = 20 Squats
5th Cone = 25 yard Bear Crawl
Continue doing laps until time called.

NPE Real Men Read next Tuesday 3/17 and Thursday 3/19 from 0800 to 0830
F3 Gaunlet in April
SAFE Run May
Prayer Requests:
Dear Diary (group)
Dawn Merck and cancer (Rock Drop)
Jay with Lymphoma (Voltron)
Unspoken (group)

“last shall be first and the first last”

Every time the phrase “last shall be first and the first last” occurs in scripture it refers to the fact that one’s position in this life does not give a person an advantage in gaining eternal life or salvation. Every time Jesus uses the phrase, the message is the same. It does not matter who we are in this world or what we have done. Eternal life is for those who believe in Him, who are repentant of their sins and commit themselves to Him. Too often we miss the meaning of the words “believe in Jesus.” The Greek word for “believe” literally means “to trust” or “to have faith” or “to depend.” It is sometimes translated as “to obey.” So when Jesus says we are to believe, He is also saying  “to trust or depend” on Him. This is commitment. It is more than intellectual knowledge about Him. Those who are “first” in this life will not obtain eternal life, unless they believe in Christ, are repentant of their sins and commit themselves to Him. Those who are poor and insignificant in this life can gain eternal life by faith and might have great rewards in heaven for faithful service

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