• When: 2019-02-12
  • QIC: EtchaSketch
  • The PAX: T Spot, Whittle, Tuff Guy, Inuit, Columbo,

Circus of Circuits at Jumanji

It’s always a great time at Jumanji. Very appreciative of the gents at Jumanji for allowing me to bring a little constant movement to the gloom!

Weather 52 degrees, with fog.

The Thang:

COT with disclaimer

Mosey for a moving warmup around ball field.

SSH x 10 IC

Apollo Ohno x 10

TTT x 10 IC

Inch Worm w Merkin x 5

Strict Burpee x 5

Lunge R w/ Twist x 2

Lunge L w/ Twist x 2

Air Squat x 10

Rinse and Repeat Circuit x 3

Grab a Heavy Block and head to the playground:
8 rounds
Park Bench Step Ups 30sec
Mtn Climbers x 16
Block Deadlifts x 8

Abs Variations rotate every 2 rds w/ LBC, Flutter Kicks, Ray Charles

Variety is the Spice of Life!!

Let’s keep the fun rolling!!!
6 rounds
Various Abs x 10
Merkins x 10
Air Squat x 10
Block Rows x 10

Return blocks and Circle back up at the shovel flag.

Announcements: Dam 2 Dam Relay

Prayers: Safety for Law Enforcement looking for fugitive